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Thursday, March 2, 2006

Notes and Guitar Strings

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Hey all. This week has been a creative one. Monday I had my first guitar class. Oh, did I mention that I'm taking classes? Well, you know now. ^-^ I go to classes at the nearby college, so I take classes with all adults. There all there because when they retire, they want to move to Florida or some place like that, lay back and play the guitar and relax. That sounds cool. My father got me a guitar yesterday and I haven't been able to put it down. It's really fun for me.

Besides the guitar, our English/Social Studies teacher, who loves to sing, is putting on a show and asked the whole grade who wants to perform. Auditions begin tomorrow. *sighs* It was hectic. My friends were trying to put a group together. Only four people were needed and five, including myself, wanted to be apart of it. The two who were starting the group already had places for obivious reasons. So they had to pick from three. Someone didn't know the words. The other was never there for practice, so she didn't know anything. -_-' In short, it was horrid. But we finally got it straightened out. So tomorrow the four of us audition and hopefully we get chosen. *crosses fingers* ^-^

Well, I'm going to go practice my fingering on the guitar for awhile. Laterz Everyone!! *waves*

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