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Monday, February 13, 2006


Hey people. Today is gonna be a short post. I regret doing it so late. But whatever... Yesterday was so much fun!! Even though I was alone, my walk outside was hilarious. First of all, the snow was above my knee, so you can imagine. My mother said I could only spend a short time outside, so when I was walking back home, I dropped myself like ten times in the snow. *starts laughing* I started cracking up. I had to crawl out of the snowpile to get up. ^-^'

Yesterday I lost my iPod in my room. (Yes, I make no sense...) I turned my room upside down. Three hours later, no where to be found. So, I asked my Grandmother to look for it while I was at school. She cleaned my whole room. Still no where to be found. Apparently, my father had it in his desk draw. -_-' I was going crazy for nothing. Well, crazier than usual... Anywayz, Later!!

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