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Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Hello there! Having to force myself to update isn't good. What should I type. Hmm... Wait. Today's Tuesday? Dammit. Im gonna have a hard time going to bed. The only InuYasha for the week is gonna show tonight, but Im already in bed by 12:30. *sighs* Its not fair. Adult Swim is so Dumb. They made so many ratings off of InuYasha and now less than half the people can watch. Now I bet after two months, they'll but it on Saturdays and start over back to what we already saw. Those Fools... -_- Maybe I'll smeak to my living TV. Hmm... I'll ponder that later.
Anyways, school was pretty boring today as always. There was a so called 'fight' today at lunch. Over the dumbest thing: cause one boy at another and he threw it back. Im surrouned... Boys my age at my school are all idiots. ^-^ Well what else is there to say for today? After I finish my Homework, I'll see if I submit some more Wallpapers. Miscellaneous and maybe Naruto. Anyone have suggestions? BTW, I've been feeling generous lately so I was wondering if anyone wanted me to make a image for them. I'd be happy to make you one, k? Laterz Everyone!! ^-^v

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