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Monday, July 26, 2004

Sorry I'm a little late on this but, for those still wondering what .Hack//Dusk is, it was one of the names flying around for the american title, .hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet, before it's release in the US. So there was the Japanese title .hack//Tasogare no Udewa Densetsu and its alternate (which is easier to remember) .hack//Udeden. And then there are the alternate american titles including

.hack//Legend of Dusk Bracelet,
.hack//Legend of the Twilight,
.hack//Legend of Twilight's Bracelet,
.hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet,
and (My favorite version)

I bet there are more alternative ways to name this series that are out there though. I'LL just stick with my fav .hack//Dusk.

You'll notice .hack//Sign didn't have this problem, considering that both the Japanese and American release titles were .hack//Sign, that and not to many people expected the TV series to come out.

I hope reading this was a very good waste of your time. Bye... ...=^^=...

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