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Heylo! =D
im emily and im 13 years old
ive been told that i look older than that tho lol
okies well i love GAMES on like the PS2 and Gamecube and stuff
i play WoW.
i absolutly LOVE my friends ��
i kinda feel like i love them but they dont though. . D=
if anyone messes with them then your in like BIG trouble.
okies ♥ well i love my doggie, Lolo <--his name
and i would literaly die for him
so yeah
=D ♥

Friday, September 22, 2006

   Angelica's Thoughts
okies my friend, angelica is at my house right now so yeah she says
'hello, y'all!' lmao
yeah lol

why? noo. . .nnnn stop! *laughs* dont do that! stop writing down what im saying!! emily is a lame-o. emily is an elmo. she acts like one and talks like one! *laughs* i see ferret. . the devil kitty. . .looking down everywhere. . . *drinks capri sun and laughs , then drinks more and laughs histericly* the cat. . the devil kitten. . scratching himself. . and lolo the lazy dog laying relaxing."

okires yeah


'he walks in the room. . with his head down and starts to crack up. . .*laughs* the cat comes into the room and licks the guys nostril.'

OMFG what will happen next?
infd out. . NEXT FRIDAY

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

it sucks
and you know it
i already have problems
stupid MR. Knudson!
i hate that dude
and now i hate math because of him. . *cries*
last year my teacher made it fun. . . lol
okies. .
hmm. . .
yeah wat should i say. . *confused*
uhh. . . if anyone has like a Gaiaonline account please tell me! i need someone to talk to on there!

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Tuesday, August 8, 2006

   ..::*::..About me..::*::..
Hair: Blnde-ish brown
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5'1"

[ NOW ]
Current mood: bored//tired
Current music: my brother watching The Justice League
Current taste: Revenge
Current hair: uhh. . low pony tail
Current clothes: blue pj bottoms with angel+devil kitties and a red shirt
Current annoyance: the slow computer
Current smell: chocolate cake (ewww)
Current thing I should be doing: laying in bed sleeping
Current windows open: none
Current desktop picture: black
Current favorite band: Nickleback
Current book: thw WoW guide
Current cd in stereo: Nickleback
Current crush: idk im like so not telling
Current favorite celeb: none

[ DO YOU.. ]
Smoke?: EWWW
Do drugs?: EWWWW
Have a dream that keeps coming back?: that i got my mount on WoW
Remember your first love?: idk. . have i loved someone?
Still love him/her?: idk
Read the newspaper?: never
Have any gay or lesbian friends?: idk
Believe in miracles?: yes
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?: ya
Consider yourself tolerant of others?: HA no
Consider love a mistake?: no
Like the taste of alcohol?: eww
Have a favorite candy?: duh
Believe in astrology?:ya
Believe in magic?: ya
Believe in god?: HEK YES
Have any pets: no. . DUH! of course i do!
Go to or plan to go to college: ya
Have any piercings?: 'Im not old enuff' says my dad! ( im 13 i only want my ears)
Have any tattoos?: no
Hate yourself: ya
Have an obsession?: yes
Have a secret crush?: ya
Have a best friend?: no. . they all ditch me for something better
Wish on stars?: sometimes

Ever been in love?: idk
When did you lose your virginity?: not yet
Do you believe in love at first sight?: ya... haven't experienced it tho
Do you believe in "the one?": ya
Describe your ideal significant other: idk

Have you ever played a game that required removal of clothing?: nope =D
Have you ever been intoxicated?: ????*does a dumv look*
Have you ever been caught "doing something?": no
Are you a tease?: ?
Shy to make the first move?: ya =^.^=

Bought: candy
Ate & Drank: pepsi
Read: idk
Watched on TV: inuyasha

beer or cider: cider
drinks or shots: drinks
cats or dogs: BOTH
single or taken: idk
pen or pencil: when writing:pen when drawing:pencil
gloves or mittens: none
food or candy: candy
cassette or cd: cd
coke or pepsi: pepsi

kill: nobody
get really wasted with: . . .
look like: idk
avoid: my dad

saw: my mom
talked to on the phone: tommy
hugged: Lolo
instant messaged: Algarian
kissed: My dog

Drank alcohol?: ..wanted to see wat wine tasted like. . eww
Done drugs?: nope
Broken the law?: idk maybe
Run away from home? i wanted to. . still do
Broken a bone?: YES :: shoulder, wrist + pinky finger
Played Truth Or Dare?: yup
Kissed someone you didn't know? no
Been in a fight?: nope
Come close to dying?: felt like it

[ WHAT IS.. ]
Your bedroom like?: like a tornado came thru last nyte
Your favorite thing for breakfast?: bacon
Your favorite restaurant?: souplantaion(sp)
What's on your bedside table?: a box with chocolate in it
What do you eat when you raid the fridge late at night?: soda, popcorn, beef jerky, yogurt, cheese, ham,everything thats in it
What is your biggest fear?: the dark and not haveing any friends to talk to
Describe your bed: EEYORE
Spontaneous or plain?: wat wat? use words i know! ok?
Do you know how to play poker?: nope
What do you carry with you at all times?: a thing to tie my hair back ( at least 5)
How do you drive?: dont drive yet =D
What do you miss most about being little?: getting everything i want D=
Are you happy with your given name?: no
What color is your bedroom?: pink. . .i hate pink ewewwewewew
Have you ever been in a play?: ya
Do poor, homeless, or starving people sometimes annoy you?: no. . i feel sad for them. . .
Do you consider yourself to be a nice person?: sometimes

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