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Monday, October 2, 2006

hey ppl wuts up so anywas hey i told kira to update buh she neva had time so gomen bout that anyways how u all doin? o yhea i finally got to watch bleach it was like da 4 or 5 epi and when i heard the voices i BURST OUT LAUGHIN!!!!! cuz i heard the japanese voices first rite and then comparing them to the english ones damn it soooo funnny!!!! ma lil bro was look at me like i was mental i was then like "dont look at me like that hehehhh so wut? the voices are funny!!!" en ma lil bro rolled his eyes at me en then "phffed" me i was sitting on da sofa wit ma mouth open en ma eye-wide thinkin "he just-h-he juss" then ma dad came he's like if duh colse ur mouth a fly might go into it..en i was like"FUCK" it was funni damn i duh even no if this makes sense anyways later

ill go by anyones site that r updated okay mayb ill talk to ya'll 2morrow

later guys


1. hve ur teachers started loadin u with homework yet?

2. read any good book/mangas lately?

3. have u read the manga wallflower?

later once again


inu kagome 4life
inuyasha and kagome 4life

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lol dats jokes buh true

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