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Monday, September 18, 2006

hey ppl & sry
i notice taht we always end up sayin sorry for not updating anyways this is luvie im at skool and yesterday i went to chaptersand i read this book called platium garden or something like that its a really good manga ( did i mention that it was a manga? no? hehehh^^ sry) anyways check it out its realli coool i cant wait for the nex volume i checked out the 14th vol of furuba out a lil too buh then ma mom was like yo lets go already im bored....yhea thats what she said u'd think thats what a kid would say hehehh^^ anyways skools about to end en i hve to logg off so later ill tell kira to update when she gets home cuz im goin to go to the library and pick up some books that are on hold and then i gotta walk home from there and thats gunna talk about half an hour so yhe ill make sure that we update tomorrow



sry bout not updatin!!!

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