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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

~cagalli-chan~: u were rite almost every one is an evanescence fan.....

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(Luvie) hey guys have any of you ever heard of the song Heart-Shaped box by Nirvana (yes there is an evanescence cover for it)? Well I found the piano notes for it rite and asked kira to play it....she is like a FRIGGIN PIANO MASTER!!!! She can look at the music and play without actually looking at the music over once....if u donít get what I mean itís that I can give her random piano notes and she can play it with out needing to look at the sheet music over....she rocks!!!! OMG I LOVE NIRVANA!!!!! ~sry i'm high...and Iím listening to nirvana~.....anyways MY life is getting boring and I donít wanna get sued for boring you to death so later.....


Do you listen to Rock/metal/and/or punk music if so what kinds of bands do u listen to?

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