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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Wuts up?
Hey peoples! Whats up? ...... Anyways....
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(Luvie) I'm sooo happy because (if any of you out there are evanescence fans then you'll now why) I can play half of a song call "The Last Song I'm Wasting on You" by my favorite rock group....EVANESCENCE!!!!!!!!!!!! BRAPPPP BRAPPPP....itís a really nice song!!!! when I played the amount i know, my cousin Anita, who happens to be in my keyboarding class and my teacher Ms. Sharma what the songs title was and she said, "Luvie...its something like 'you cant sing me anymore songs' or something rite?" LOL...okay well its not that funny but it was in class....and she really didn't call me Luvie...she called me by my real name buh yeah so ......okay imma let kira talk to ya'll now cuz Iím sounding like and idiot!!

(Kira) loll...I really donít have much to say, but I would once again like to say Gomen for not updating IN FOREVER!!!!! as Luvie had said yesterday we really have no excuse we were just being lazy...gomenosai once again on behalf of the both of us.....anyways we'll being going around to the sites for people who updated so see you all around later :)

Kira and Luvie
Inu Kagome 4Life

~The Last Song I'm Wasting on You~Evanescence~Unreleasd

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