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Monday, October 27, 2008

Wow. . .
I remeber I tried Signing on to this once over the summer and it wouldn't even sign on the MYOTAKU webpage..

We'll One of the reason's we haven't come on this is because, well we kinda just stopped using this thing =P But um yeah, real life got in the way, things have gone down since the last time we've been on this thing.

Wheather or not we're gunna keep this account we don't know, probably will, but theres a good chance we might delete it too :(

-Love and Kira

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

   umm...wow...there is no explaing why we haven't been on in how long its almost been a year since we've updated...don't get us wrong we're still huge anime fans

wow...No idea really what so say right now..

oh and this is Luvie by the way.. Kira's here too but she's asleep..well for now I hope you all had a very good Spring break...



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Thursday, April 26, 2007

SHort post
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hey guy whats up? sry for not posting lately been realli busy.....anyways....we'll get aournd to visisnt your guys sites soon.....lol...anyways...what going on with you guys...nothing realli goin around here...except packed with home work which is why we gotta leave now...later

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

.....mmm...can't really think of a subject name.......
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hey guys wuts up? anyways i was reading some stuff on line and then at the end of one page it had this qutoe that said"

Life is like a dick, if it gets hard fuck it-Anonymous...

how many have you have read quotes like that....anywas life is boring i gotta go i was just here to post up a qucik hi...so later ppl....

do u guys hve any weird quotes like that?

inu kagome 4life

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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

~cagalli-chan~: u were rite almost every one is an evanescence fan.....

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(Luvie) hey guys have any of you ever heard of the song Heart-Shaped box by Nirvana (yes there is an evanescence cover for it)? Well I found the piano notes for it rite and asked kira to play it....she is like a FRIGGIN PIANO MASTER!!!! She can look at the music and play without actually looking at the music over once....if u donít get what I mean itís that I can give her random piano notes and she can play it with out needing to look at the sheet music over....she rocks!!!! OMG I LOVE NIRVANA!!!!! ~sry i'm high...and Iím listening to nirvana~.....anyways MY life is getting boring and I donít wanna get sued for boring you to death so later.....


Do you listen to Rock/metal/and/or punk music if so what kinds of bands do u listen to?

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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Wuts up?
Hey peoples! Whats up? ...... Anyways....
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(Luvie) I'm sooo happy because (if any of you out there are evanescence fans then you'll now why) I can play half of a song call "The Last Song I'm Wasting on You" by my favorite rock group....EVANESCENCE!!!!!!!!!!!! BRAPPPP BRAPPPP....itís a really nice song!!!! when I played the amount i know, my cousin Anita, who happens to be in my keyboarding class and my teacher Ms. Sharma what the songs title was and she said, "Luvie...its something like 'you cant sing me anymore songs' or something rite?" LOL...okay well its not that funny but it was in class....and she really didn't call me Luvie...she called me by my real name buh yeah so ......okay imma let kira talk to ya'll now cuz Iím sounding like and idiot!!

(Kira) loll...I really donít have much to say, but I would once again like to say Gomen for not updating IN FOREVER!!!!! as Luvie had said yesterday we really have no excuse we were just being lazy...gomenosai once again on behalf of the both of us.....anyways we'll being going around to the sites for people who updated so see you all around later :)

Kira and Luvie
Inu Kagome 4Life

~The Last Song I'm Wasting on You~Evanescence~Unreleasd

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Friday, March 30, 2007

hey guys sry for not updating before....we'll be changin our theme......from bleach to.....BECK MONGOLIAN CHOP SQuAD!!!!!!!! i dont know if uhve heard of it buh during spring break i watched a few epis and i got hook (luvie)......anyways.....so that will be our theme until the end of April and we will update a lot this time ...sry for not updating.....seriosly we got no excuse..we just lazy.....lol....later

kira and luvie

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Monday, October 30, 2006

hey guys wuts up sry that we hven't been on for such a long time buh work is killin me (kira) en luvie has her vollenter hours after school shes done over 782!! damn gurl wont stop anyways im at school en i dun wanna get caught by ma teach so later ooo by da way listen to this luvie is sooooo stupid her compeer has 4 trojen houses and a wrom heheh^^ for those that dont know wut those are their VIRUSES!!!!

inu kagome 4life

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Monday, October 2, 2006

hey ppl wuts up so anywas hey i told kira to update buh she neva had time so gomen bout that anyways how u all doin? o yhea i finally got to watch bleach it was like da 4 or 5 epi and when i heard the voices i BURST OUT LAUGHIN!!!!! cuz i heard the japanese voices first rite and then comparing them to the english ones damn it soooo funnny!!!! ma lil bro was look at me like i was mental i was then like "dont look at me like that hehehhh so wut? the voices are funny!!!" en ma lil bro rolled his eyes at me en then "phffed" me i was sitting on da sofa wit ma mouth open en ma eye-wide thinkin "he just-h-he juss" then ma dad came he's like if duh colse ur mouth a fly might go into it..en i was like"FUCK" it was funni damn i duh even no if this makes sense anyways later

ill go by anyones site that r updated okay mayb ill talk to ya'll 2morrow

later guys


1. hve ur teachers started loadin u with homework yet?

2. read any good book/mangas lately?

3. have u read the manga wallflower?

later once again


inu kagome 4life
inuyasha and kagome 4life

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lol dats jokes buh true

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Monday, September 18, 2006

hey ppl & sry
i notice taht we always end up sayin sorry for not updating anyways this is luvie im at skool and yesterday i went to chaptersand i read this book called platium garden or something like that its a really good manga ( did i mention that it was a manga? no? hehehh^^ sry) anyways check it out its realli coool i cant wait for the nex volume i checked out the 14th vol of furuba out a lil too buh then ma mom was like yo lets go already im bored....yhea thats what she said u'd think thats what a kid would say hehehh^^ anyways skools about to end en i hve to logg off so later ill tell kira to update when she gets home cuz im goin to go to the library and pick up some books that are on hold and then i gotta walk home from there and thats gunna talk about half an hour so yhe ill make sure that we update tomorrow



sry bout not updatin!!!

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