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Monday, October 30, 2006

D: I finally watched a new anime.
XD I've been out of most anime related things lately.

Because of my whole, 'YAY VIDEO GAMES!' thing. XD

But I recently got into Sukisyo. You see, I usually search youtube for stuff and one of the things I search for is 'Sora' XD So many times I hae come across the Sukisyo Sora. So I finally decided to search youtube for the anime.

I found it and even though it confuses me a bit, I really like it. XD

Even though it's Shounen-Ai. D: I'm not much of a fan of Shounen-Ai, but I have read some Gravitation and now...this...XD

Perhaps I'll actually yake some kind of liking to it by watching.

And here's a picture of Sukisyo before I go. (NUUU, a ryhme.)

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