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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hiya everyone! :) *hugs* How are you today?

Wow I am posting just 3 days after my last post?! :0 I haven't done this in a LONG time. Well thank you to those who commented on my last post and all of my latest works I have posted^^ I always love to read your comments. :) And Deb, it's so amazing to see you back on here. Haha I come back on, and then you do! It's a chain reaction! XD

To those who read my last post, you would remember me talking about how I was supposed to go back to school this week, on Tuesday. Well I had even more snow days, not just on Tuesday and Wednesday. I got snow days for Thursday and Friday as well! XD So I got a whole other week of vacation! I was super duper happy because I was really dreading going back to school. So Heaven was smiling down on me or...*looks at Angel Zakuro for inside joke. Lol*. However, I did get cabin fever a bit because I was inside the house for about 3 days straight. I needed sunlight and some exercise!! So I got out a bit...a little bit. But hopefully this weekend I can get out more, like go see a movie or go to the bookstore or something! XD This snow though is just crazy and this freezing bitter cold. Everyone stay warm!!

Hahaha I don't know but this just reminded me of something, talking about cold. Okay well I am a pretty open book and whenever a question pops in my head, I have to ask to know the answer. I am not shy about asking embarrassing type things. Well I was just thinking, you know how there are earmuffs and stuff, so are there nipple warmers?...Lol. So I asked my Mom and she was like, "No not that I know of...I am sure a man could be your nipple warmer though." :0 That was what my face was like. Hahaha Mother and her twisted mind. Just kidding, she was just being funny about that whole thing... O___o XD Sorry! I am being a bit inappropriate but I thought it was kind of funny^^;

On a random note, I am so super excited that Hetalia is coming to America...FINALLY! It's so cute and funny~ The character America is coming home! XD Oooh I love America soo much. He's such a freaken cutie. Him and his glasses....*goes off into fangirl mode* Just look at this picture of him!!

...I think my heart just stopped. GAH HE'S SO BEAUTIFUL! X3 Got to love a man in glasses~ However, Sanzo is still my first anime love...but America sure does come close. It's a tie. X3

Indeed, you're beautiful Sanzo. <3

...Sorry about that^^; First nipple warmers and me acting all fangirl! I am hyped up tonight. XD ....Sanzo doesn't look to happy, probably because I am talking about other men or just being annoying^^;;; He's like biotch please.

Since we're talking about anime anyway, I have been watching Kobato still and it's still beautiful. But why is it all the good animes come out at the same time?! There are like 10 animes I want to watch and they all come out at the same time. The same goes with movies that come out in theaters. XP I still need to finish Nodame Cantabile...I need another school break. XD Have you been watching any anime recently? :)

You know, now that I think about it, I never really did wish you all a happy new year^^;; Well Happy New Year my friends! I hope 2010 is a beautiful year for you, filled with sunshine, happiness, laughter, smiles, and pretty flowers! XD 2010 is a bit of a big year for me, since it's the year I graduate from high school and start college, I turn 18, and just some other stuff. 2009 though was a kick in the face, it wasn't a good year. With my Grandma, had a lot of down days, fell in love for the first time but also had my heartbroken for the first time..I don't think I have ever really talked about that either^^; It's a really long story but I will tell it another time. Let's just say I was someone who never believed in falling in love at this age and always finding it stupid that girls would cry over a boy, well I was that girl^^;; This guy though I had known a really long time, he was a friend. But when I finally got the courage to tell him I liked him, he rejected me really coldly and said he didn't want to be that close to me and never even considered me a friend...so yeah, I was really hurt^^; He was cruel, but whatever. I have moved on and he was a jackass. I am too young anyway to have a boyfriend and not interested. XD

Also, again, I wrote my first chapter of Heartfelt and it's posted on my world. Only Jerry and Anna have read it so far, and I would really love if more people could read it so I could get an opinion^^ But if you don't have time, I understand completely. Just when you can, please give it a read. I will have the second chapter up soon. Thank you; here is the link to my world:


Also I am really sorry for this long post, but thank you so much for reading it! I am so happy to be back on here and being active. :) It's all thanks to you wonderful people that make me this happy. So thanks^^ Take care everyone and have a wonderful weekend!

Much Love,

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