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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Well, well, well...do you remember me? ^_^

Hello there my sweet, beautiful, adorable, fantastic dear friends of mine!! *big hugs* Good gosh, it has been FOREVER since I have last been on here! Like 3 months! D: I am so sorry!! *bows* How have you been doing?!

As for my days, well there have been a lot of good days and then some bad days as well. School has started now of course so I have been piled on with hw and also looking for colleges to attend to. Being a senior is not fun. XP But I am enjoying my classes^^ And I am in marching band right now which is always busy. We have gotten a lot of first places at competitions though so yayness! :)

As for family, everyone is doing good. Including Grandma. She just got her first chemo treatment about two weeks ago. At first it reacted badly to her, since you know chemo is like a poison to the body, but she recovered. However, she became a bit anemic due to that. She gets her second treatment on Thursday. I know all your prayers helped and your sweet thoughts. You're wonderful friends^^ *hugs* Thank you.

Besides family and school/band, there has been some friend drama which has been really bugging me and some down moods, but besides that I have been doing good^^ Whenever I have some free time, I either read, play my new Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days or I get on the computer to watch some anime. I have been watching Kobato. and K-ON. ^_^ Also just bought the new Clannad~After Story DVD yesterday so I am going to watch that too. XD

Well no, I am not exactly back on here or TheOtaku yet. I am still really busy and such so it is hard for me to comment^^; Commenting sometimes can be really stressful to me. Hard to understand. But I will get back to the habit of coming on here to see you guys. I do miss you very much. You're the bestest of friends anyone could ask for^^ Sorry I have to write this post so fast^^;;;

I think I might make a card here soon^^ I feel like making one. XD Anyway, I hope I will be around sometime soon. Thank you all for being great friends^^ I love you very much! May sunshine and happiness fill every second of your days^^ *huggles*

Much Love,

P.S. GO WATCH THE KOBATO ANIME!! IT'S AMAZING! Even if you don't like Clamp's works, you NEED to see this. It is the most cutest anime I have ever seen and it only has two episodes out so far! Kobato is one of the best anime characters around. Basically it is an anime about curing people's sadness. :) So watch it! :D

Here is the Kobato opening~(give it a watch please^^)

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