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Monday, August 10, 2009

Hello there my dear friends!

I just decided to come on and say a quick hi. ^_^ Thank you all for putting up with my absence and for saying all of your sweet prayers and kind words/wishes for my Grandmother. Really and truly, thank you from the bottom of my heart. They surely do make a difference.

Grandma does have to go through with Chemo now. We were hoping that it wouldn't come to that, but it has. Chemo is a very tiring process and it will make her very sick, so I am going to have to be spending a lot of days with her. She got a full scan today on her body, to see if the cancer has spread anywhere else. Let us hope and pray to God that it has not spread.

Other than that, everything has been going fairly well. I have been reading my summer books for my AP class...which I still need to finish. Haha. Also I have started to replay Kingdom Hearts 2. The first one is still my favorite though. XD Disney and Square Enix make such an awesome pair! Kingdom Hearts just makes me feel happy becuase it is such an innocent game. So when people bash this game or make original KH characters that look like sex-addicted skanks, it makes me angry. Lol Sorry^^;...that was random...Haha.

I have been having some down moods from time to time and I had my very first heartbreak with a boy. Lol. No he wasn't my boyfriend or anything, but he said some things to me that really hurt. But whatever, I am over it. More fish in the sea! XD

I need to go now and read. I am going to greet the incoming freshman tomorrow at school and then I have Senior Pictures...Yay! XP

Take care everyone! Thank you for being such heartfelt friends! I love you all! I hope to talk to you soon. Sorry again for not being around to comment. Anyway, may sunshine and happiness fill each second of your days!

Much Love,
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