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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Hello there everyone^^ How is your weekend going?

haha, wow! it feels so weird to be posting at 2 in the afternoon. I normally post around midnight. lol. um, anyway, i am feeling much better^^ idk what was really wrong with me, i guess i just had the flu. Except i haven't been in the best mood latley either. -__- I have been crying a lot and have been really sensitive, but i don't know why...? hopefully i will get over these feelings soon.

Anyway, how did your Halloween go? lol, i know this is kind of late to be asking that^^; Mine went ok, didn't really do much...i kind of slept on the couch the whole time...lol. I hope everyone had a fun, safe time though^^

Lets see...Friday was a ton of fun! We saw Bee movie, which is freaken hilarious and soooo cute! X3 haha. and then yesterday i went shopping and came home and did homework. -__- i have soooooooooooooo much homework! I got math and world history done, but i still have this huge biology project to do. -__- its like all of a sudden they just decide to shove homework down our throats. its really, REALLY annoying.

Also, i have been really stressed out lately because of this. What has really made me worry is that i have band auditions coming up, to decide whether we get in Concert or Symphonic band. We have to play 10 scales by memory then play a 15 measure song. -___- its really nerve wrecking. I have to play this Wednesday, so please wish me luck. I really need it^^

I will not be visiting sites today or answering pms! i am sorry, but i still have homework to do. i apologize for that, and i will try to get to them next weekend. *bows* Thank you all for being such great friends^^ *huggles*


Question time!!
1. Do you like my site changes?
2. What is one word to describe me?
3. Favorite movie?

My answers:
2. uh....lol
3. hm, i have sooo many! XP Probably Anastasia.


Quiz and video for you^^

Which Disney Character is your Alter Ego?
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Kingdom hearts Stupid files: Season 2 episode 6! XD lmao.

Well i hope you have a great Sunday^^ and i hope you have a great new week starting tomorrow^^ lol. Thank you so much for visiting me, you all are so kind! *hugs* Take care!
~innocent heart~

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