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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hello there Everyone^^ How is your weekend going?

Lets see...well yesterday went good, i mean with my band competition^^ We made third place! XD I felt really proud of my band. Last year in marching season we didn't do so good at our competitions. This marching season has been amazing. I have never felt so confident before. That was our last band competition for the season, now all we have left is the Halloween Parade, which is next Saturday. -__- i hate that parade. lol. But i hope that next year our marching season will be even better than this year's. Except we have 53 seniors that are graduating next year that won't be in the band anymore. -__- i have so many friends that are seniors in the band, its going to be so weird when i dont see them in band anymore. Especially Tiffany, who is one of my very dear friends. But she said she will come to visit us whenever she can^^

Yesterday was also a bit of a creepy/weird day. First off, my bus driver on my bus(We had 5 buses, i was on bus 5) was acting like he was drunk the whole time. When i got off the bus, he yelled, "WHERE'S THE PARADE?!" He yelled that like 3 times and i said to him this is a band competition, not a parade. And then later on he said, "LETS GO TO WAL-MART!" -__- and you know what is so hilarious about that? He actually went to walmart....he drove the bus we came down on to walmart while we were doing rehearsal....lmao...but it made me mad because we had all of our stuff on there!!! T_T I want to know if he got into trouble or not, because i dont think he was supposed to do that. lol. but at least he came back. haha.

and Secondly, we had some free time when we first got to Carthage(where my band competition was held. So keri and i just kind of wandered around the area. Well, there was this small playground and there was this man with his granddaughter. He looked at us when we were walking by and he asked me, "Hey, are the cooking barbecue up there?" We have a chuck wagon by our buses, where they were cooking food for us. i told him yes, but it was for the band. Then he just gave me this really creepy smile and said, "Oh, ok, thank you baby."...alright then..well we went past the playground and then later we headed back up to the buses, and we had to pass the playground to get there. He looked at me again and said, "Do you think you could get some food for my granddaughter?" i just stared at him and i started to get this really sickening feeling in my stomach. He saw the look i was giving him and just laughed, "Im not gonna bite! i have a granddaughter!" Like he was basically saying since i have a kid here with me, im not going to hurt you....stupid...Anyway, he stared to move closer to me and i inched toward keri more, who was walking a little bit ahead of me. He was saying, "Are you ok baby? Whats wrong?" I was so scared. i mean, here is this strange man coming towards me calling me baby...keri took my hand then and we practically ran up to the buses....thankfully we never saw him after that....he gave me such a creepy feeling...i was just thankful for keri to be there with me.

I am just happy yesterday is over with. lol. i am happy its Sunday, even though school is tomorrow. -__- which reminds me...i need to do my homework...lol, i shouldn't even be on here right now. but im off Thursday and Friday from school^^ YAY! XD that makes me so happy! =^_^=

Well i apologize for not getting to sites at all this weekend, but this coming week i will get to them. So thank you to all of those who have been so loyal and always come by and read my post^^ It makes me so happy to read all of your comments, so thank you very much.

Question time!
1. Favorite Disney character?
2. What age do you wish you could be?
3. Favorite holiday?

My answers:
1. Belle from Beauty and the Beast. ^_^
2. 10 years old, you seem to be so care-free and are so innocent
3. Valentine's Day

Well i hope you all have a great Sunday and a new week^^ i apologize for this long post, but thank you for reading it^^ i shall see you all soon^^ take care!
~innocent heart~

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