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Sunday, September 30, 2007

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Hello there everyone^^ Thank you so much for your comments yesterday! I love reading all of them. They seem to make me in a great mood^^ So thank you! *huggles*

So how is your weekend going? Hopefully well. Yesterday for me was fun, in some ways. The football game was really boring, and i actually fell asleep on Tiffany. lol. Except i had this kind of depression mood feeling, so i wasnt very happy at the game. Tiffany kept giving me these huge hugs though that always made me laugh^^ Tiffany is really short, so when she hugs me, she can only put her arms around my waste. lol. but Cody wasnt making my mood any better. He came up and gave me this huge hug from the back. i kind of got mad at him^^; lol. i yelled at him to never touch me agian like that. lol. it was scary!! XP

After the football game, i got to see my brother Zach, so he cheered me up a bit^^ he was there at the football game with my mom. ^_^ that really made me happy. He is like my father almost, since my Dad is oblivious to when my football games and competitions are. i tell him all of the time and he just forgets about them!!! XP thats because he has short term memory loss from drinking too much. -___- i havent seen him since March 5th and he only lives 20 minutes away. *sigh* i really want to see my Dad....

Also, i have some great news^^ My aunt's one foot is completely healed now!! XD YAY! i am soooo happy for her^^ but her other foot is still not doing too well, but the doctor said in another month she should be doing fine^^

Well i think i got to everyone's site yesterday.i apologize if i missed you. i should be getting to all of them again today^^

Question time!!
1. Have you ever wished that you were never born?
2. Do you dream very often?
3. What is your favorite food?

My answers:
1. i have once before, but someone made me change my mind.
2. no i hardly ever dream, if i do, i never remember them
3. sweet potatoes X3

Here is a video and quiz for you(oh joy. lol):

Ouran High school host club Numa Numa! XD YAY!

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Lost School Girl
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May you all have a great Sunday^^ and have a happy new month starting tomorrow^^ First day of October!! Also, i wish you a happy birthday kutekittykyo for Monday! XD YAY! Well, take care my sweet souls^^
~innocent heart~

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