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Monday, March 3, 2008

MyOtaku's back up. Cheers. Yipee!! That makes me so happy. I missed it.

Not much going on... I had fun skating fell so much though. I'll give a list of my injuries...
+Bruised wrist, that has a grape-sized area of swollen-ness.
+Giant, popped blister on my left ankle.
+Two very bruised knees.
+A giant, yellow/blue/brown/purple/red bruise all the way from my right hip to mid-right thigh.
+A twisted ankle.
+Another multi-coloured bruise on my right elbow.
+A very sore rear-end.
+A strained back.
+A pulled muscle in my side.
+And a slightly popped out hip.

So there we go. You would think with all my years of dancing, I'd have exceptional balance, but no. No, I don't. It's so fabulous. I was soaking wet, so much so that people said I looked like I'd been thrown into a pool with all my clothes on.

A very mean boy in my youth group came up behind me and grabbed me around my waist--high around my waist... So much so that it was very nearly innappropriate... And so I fell, went down yelling at him and almost crying as he and his girlfriend laughed at me. Then some really hot guy came by and picked me up. I didn't even know him; but, it just proves that there really are good Samaritans out there. Mine happened to be extremely handsome... [sighs] I'm a hopeless romantic....


@ Anyone who said anyting about The Greasy Spoon My dad calls 'Wendy's' that. I don't really know why; but, I just thought it was a funny name. So I figured I'd start calling it that. It just sort of stuck in my head. It's sort of like why I call 'Taco Bell', 'Taco Smell'.

TimeChaser Okey Dokey.

schultzie [smiles] Thanks!

2short Yay! I've had a past of not getting along really well with people on the internet [or in real life for that matter] so it really does mean a lot that you think enough of me to say something! [smiles] Oh yeah, and I hope your library has Twilight...it should, and if not you might check Amazon.com for a cheap copy.

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