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Saturday, March 1, 2008

I went to a basketball game yesterday...Ok, so went to a basketball game was a very loose statemtent. I sat on the gym floor and read pretty much the entire time. But both teams played 8-minute quarters so it felt like we were being held captive in the other team's gym.

Then I sat in The Greasy Spoon [AKA Wendys] for a while trying to eat a salad--but it was already almost 10 and we were still at the restaurant...and still had to get back to our town. I think we got home around 11:30. I stayed up and read more of my book until midnight or a little later...

My mom and sister are at a basketball tournament today; but, I was banned from going, because I'm still slightly sick. And I want to go ice skating tonight so it was either go hang out with my sister and her boyfriend forever and watch basketball or go skating... I chose to go skating. But, that leaves me stuck here in the middle of nowhere, typing on a borrowed laptop and reading my book--occasionally sipping on some much needed Mountain Dew.

MoonlightNexus It's not so bad to do tech booth. I messed up so bad and hit the computer power button with my foot so the entire system shut down... =.= It was awful, everyone was like: "What did you do New Girl?!"

Kry I'm on Eclipse now. Bella and Edward's note-conversation about plane crashes had me cracking up for a couple of hours afterward. I'm still not finished with it yet--but, getting to know all the characters is getting really intersting. Jasper makes me really sad. But, I think out of all of the vampires, Alice is my favourite. She reminds me of me.

2short [smiles] I highly recomend you reading the entire Twilight series. It's about a vampite falling in love with a human girl and all the trials they face. I will warn you, however, once you start reading those books you won't be able to stop. I won't be held responsible if you get addicted!!

Still @ 2short: Thank you so much for making me feel speacial. [hugs] You're a good friend. I've always had self-esteem issues and feeling like I really don't count...but, knowing that someone who I haven't even met cares about me enough to try to make me feel better makes me smile!

Timechaser Yay for your being glued to theO! I'm looking foward to it. I'm here whenever you need me, Commander. [salutes]

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