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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I find it funny that I now mark my days on a scale of how many candy bars I eat. Today was a two candy bar day--which means I was in desperate need of two bags of peanuts m&ms. Generally I refrain from eating so much sugary goodness, but with the hell I put up with in the hours prior to lunch, I figured I deserved a crap-load of candy. But, I did forgo my regular mountain dew for gatorade...despite the fact that gatorades probably not that much better for you than if you drank the tap water in Mexico.

As was previously stated, my day sucked. But, that's ok. I'm ok with it, so it's all good, right? Anywho- art boosted my self esteem mainly in that the project I'd been procrastinating on was said to be the 'best of the lot' and so I got praised for it. I guess I'm kind of searching for praise in the little things I do...maybe make me feel not-so-insignificant.

And also-I've been reading Twilight by somebody Meyer. I don't remember her first name. Despite my lack of interest in the authors name, the book is captivating. So much so that when I woke up at 3 this morning having a lung spasm [AKA coughing fit], I decided whilst sucking on my cough drop that I would be better off reading. So I read by the light of my cell phone--which I had to keep pressing buttons on before the screen would go dead.

I have youth tonight... I'm on tech booth duty. Thankfully my friend and I finally worked out a schedule for our tech booth duties [the two of us are the only ones who know how to work part of it, so we decided to alternate weeks working on it].

Napoleon came back to me briefly over the weekend, long enough for me to get the back-up disc of my files [which I ran through the house brandishing and yelling that it was my saviour], and then he was jetted off to the other repair shop to receive a shiny new modem. Whatever the heck that is. So, we'll still have to wait eons before I post regularly.

I'm feeling rather whitty today...if none of you had noticed. I'm kind of in a writing mood-perhaps it's all the good literature I've been immersing myself in over the past 24 hours...? I don't know.

VV launches soon. [Collective "YAY!"] That will be exciting. I'm looking forward to when my good buddy, Timechaser, fires up the watercooler. I'm also looking forward to be listening to the podcast again. Of course me listening to the podcast coincides with Napoleon's impeding, but yet unannoucned return.

So...how was everyone's week...?

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