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Sunday, February 17, 2008

If ye can answer my riddle,
Then you shall see,
On dA you shall find be able to find,
A person like me.

It really isn't hard,
Open up your mind and think,
I haven't really changed much,
After all I'm still Ink.

There is not black sky,
I added a different flair,
And under that name,
You will find me there.

Now this new name is shorter,
And a little less dark,
Think lighter than black,
But as white not as stark.

If you grow bemused,
A hint I will lay,
Think along the lines,
Of something a little more gray.

For under this new face,
I've started to bloom,
And hope that with it,
I will not meet my doom.

So look for an Ink,
That is darker than white,
And once you find me,
Please be polite.

If anime you seek,
Then turn away quick,
You'll stick out your tongue,
And declare vehemently, 'ICK!'.

Photography is my passion,
But do not despair,
For I don't lose my roots,
I still post anime there.

And if you've been able,
To find me at last,
You've deciphered my poem,
And you've sure done it fast.

Impressive ye be,
For reading this far,
I hope you can find me,
For good friends you all are.

For those who find this poem,
A little too confusing,
I'll tell it straight up,
We can't have you bemusing.

I'm getting to that good part,
So don't raise a stink,
Go now to dA,
And look for Gray-Ink!


My crappy poetry skillz. XD

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

I'm on dA...did anybody know that...? I was just wondering, I don't think you'll be able to find me. Unless your like, oh say toxictherapy or something [it's not a challenge if you already know I'm there!!]. I post my photography there. I'm not telling who I am. But ink.black.sky was taken [argh!] so I'm using a different name! Ye shall never find me!!

And I don't know why I posted that, I just did. So there. Geez, I'm still hyper from the three cans of Mountain Dew I had last night.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

   Haven't posted in a while...sorry.

I still don't have my laptop; and, I've been sick all this week so I just pass out on the couch when I get home instead of going and trying to get the slow desktop to load.

My school had three basketball games this week... that was intense. I didn't go to one, 'cause I was ill. And the final one is tonight. I hope we win.

So. Hopefully I'll get Napoleon back one of these days. Probably not anytime soon [my dad, who is handling the situation, is going on a mission trips next week, so there won't be any news from the repair shop...] so I won't be posting artwork. But, I am working on it, don't lose faith in me!!

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Monday, February 11, 2008

This page is all different-ish... The backroom is weird when it's been seperated from theO...

I'm home sick...yes, I is. Again. Why have I been so sickly lately?! Darn you crappy immune system darn you! >_<

Nothing much else going on....

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

. . .
No updates on Napoleon... :(

Anyways, in other news. We went to a basketball game last night. Unfortunately my school lost... But, they were really good games, and our boys and girls played really well.

We spent an hour at Hardees waiting for our food and it ended up being disgusting food at that. I was riding on the van instead of with my parents and sister [who are with the team...] so I got to Hardees like twenty minutes before them...so I paid my way to get into the game and for my disgusting vomit-inducing food. I sat there in the back of that restaurant for like 1/2 an hour before I got my bacon and cheese fries. It's like I told toxictherapy; it was a ton of cheese some pototoe wisps and a handful of crushed up bacon. And it looked like vomit. Tasted like vomit too...actually.

Anyways, so now it's Saturday; and, I'm bored out of my mind. If I had Napoleon I'd be working on stuff that's important; but, do I have Napoleon? No! Do I know when he'll be back? No! So, I have no clue when I'll be doing anything noteworthy.

In other news it appears I've been picked up on the 'college-radar'. I've gotten like 4 letters from a couple different colleges in the past 3 days. I guess they saw my test scores... That's a good thing though; that I'm starting to get college information. I went and got a manilla folder and put all my college info in it...and it's spewing papers it's already so full! So, I guess that's a good thing... >.>;;

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Napoleon's dead.

I had to go down to the computer repair shop today and tell the gentleman what files to back up so he can pretty much delete everything and try to fix it. This just adds to my paranoia that all my files are gone.

I was so freaked out I even called a friend on the phone...which doesn't sound like a big deal; but, I never call anyone let alone my really good friends...so I was all scared and stuff. My heart was beating really fast. I don't know why I'm so scared to talk on the phone to my friends. Maybe it's because the only other 'friend' I regularly talked to via the telephone turned out to be a good-for-nothing and stabbed me in the back...wow. So, I guess my mental problems really are based on logic.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

About Napoleon.
Yes, I named my laptop Napoleon. Like toxictherapy said; when starting up a new laptop it asks you to give it a name. I didn't want to name it HAL [from 2001: A Space Odyssey], because that's what this slow desktop is called; so I looked frantically around the room and spotted a "Napoleon Dynamite" DVD case, so I figured 'Hey, I'll name him Napoleon!' I liked it more for Napoleon Bonaparte, than for the stupid and pointless movie title. Afterwards I named my scanner Marie Louise [Napoleon's first wife] and my tablet Josephine [Napoleon's second wife]. So, yeah.

He's still being fixed though... :(

And yes, toxictherapy, you did start the hardware naming revolution. Thank you.

So, my day was pretty boring, everyone else's?

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Monday, February 4, 2008

Napoleon got kindapped. :O

Kidding. Napoleon [my laptop] was carted off to go get fixed this morning. I feel lonely without him; but, on the bright side I had a book and got to catch up on my reading. Yay for a compilation of Alfred Hitchcock's favourite stories. And yay for a very good friend suggesting it...cough-you know who you are-cough.

So, I'm still using this slow computer; but, thats ok...

Today was pretty good. Nothing really to report. I was told that Muffin and I were like an old married couple. Muffin is my guy friend [who is only a friend. Seriously. I call him 'Muffin' because it irks him.] who I argue with a lot. We mainly just argue because niether of us like to lose or we like arguing. So another friend, I think I've referred to her as 'Taco-chan' before [which is another really long story] told us that she could see us as an old married couple sitting on our porch; Muffin holding a shotgun, and me holding a pitcher of ice tea. I told him that if he ever proposed marriage to me, I decline. Then another party [another guy friend of mine] when he found out about the whole mess--I mean discussion--said that Muffin was blushing...great... So, we got a laugh out of it.

And then I had ballet class...which everyone [besides me] was in a bad mood or sick. My heart really goes out to the girls I dance with. I pray for them; 'cause it seems like they just like day-to-day and have no permanece in life. And it makes me sad, that they try to fill the voids in their lives with things they don't need to be dabbling in...

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

My laptop's internet connection died. Just FYI. So, unless I can get on at school; then I won't be posting much more until it's fixed. D:


[And for those who are wondering how I'm posting now, I'm using the disgustingly slow desktop.]

In other news--I'm feeling much better. It was such a pretty day here, it made me feel very blessed to be alive and stuff like that. So I was spunky all day long. I think it started to annoy people... [laughs] Oh well. At least I wasn't all moody like I normally am right after I'm sick.

Alright, you guys. Well, sorry I won't be commenting on people's pages as much as I wish too... :( I'll miss ya'll until I can get my computer fixed...

God bless.

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Friday, February 1, 2008

   I'm a-skippin' school!!
Kidding. I'm home sick. Last night I felt awful so I stayed home from pointe class [pointe = ballet where you go up on your toes] and then this morning I wasn't feeling much better so, mom just told me to stay home and lay around on the couch. So that's what I'm doing.

It feels good to just be a lazy bum. I really am rather lazy when I want to be. [laughs]

I guess on the bright side of everything, I'm starting to feel better. The medicine I took is starting to kick in...I'm still really cold though... ~.~

My last post garnered the most comments on a post ever. Seriously. I've never had more than like 4 comments on a post and I had 7 on the last one. I told ever.so.silently that I should post in Spanish more often. Kidding. Only two people understood it, and those two people are the ones who read my blog even when I spoke in Spanish quite frequently. Go toxictherapy and ever.so.silently! You get the reward for putting up with my dual-languages-ness the longest!

Have a good day everybody. And I pray you don't contract whatever disease it is I have.

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