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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 01/29/08:
wow... unexpected but still i lov it and i am a ppl person >;)

What Color Are Your Anime Eyes?

Red -> Woah, chill there! You're a people-loather. You love fire and evil plotting. In anime you'd be the villan that's beautiful and most people would want to be with you (fans that is). You've got deep desire behind your eyes, secretly there's something that you do love (besides hate) but you're afraid to tell what it is. Try to like people, start with one and move on from there. C'mon, it can't hurt TOO much!
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Result Posted on 01/29/08:
ooo magical!!! thats so kkoool ^o^ i lov it!!!

How did you die in your past life? (for everyone)

You weren't human in your past life, you were magical. Now that you've been given a human body you enjoy life very much and appreciate people. You have a job to do and that's why you were given a human body. Make sure you make wise decisions.
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Result Posted on 01/29/08:
wow!! koool!! dei loves me!! but i get kakashi and thats fine ;3

You in the Naruto World (What they think of you, Love-life, what you'd look like, your life, village, pics!!)Girls only! by Evie
Your age
Favorite character
Your best friend/team partner
Naruto saysShe's fun and sweet!
Sasuke saysWhatever, she's okay...I guess
Sakura saysI think she's awsome, but I hardly talk to her.
Kakashi saysI can't say I like her, she's snobby, like Sasuke
Shikamaru saysShe's very smart, but troublesome at the same time
Ino saysI hate her!!!!
Chouji says....................................I'm eating leave me alone!
KibaI'm not too sure I like her, she hates dogs.
Hinata sayswho?
Shino saysShe's pretty smart, but she's not into bugs
Kurenai saysVery strong and is a quick learner
Lee saysForget Sakura, look at her! She's so strong!
Neji saysI don't like her at all, she's just stupid and annoying
Tenten saysTalented and fun to be with always makes me laugh!
Gai saysShe's a challenge
The Sand Siblings sayTemari: I like this girl. Gaara: *walks away* Kankuro: Eh...
Akatsuki sayVery strong and smart a useful source
What you look like
Your age18
RankAcademy Student
Who loves youDeidara
Who gets youKakashi
How well you get along with your lover
Your life as a childWhen you were young your mother never treated you well and you learned to be a loner up until you met Naruto who always made you laugh.
Your current lifeEverything has gone to rock bottom, no actually there's rock bottom, a whole bunch of crap, then you.
How you dieYou died of old age and lived a decent life.
village you are fromStar
Where you wear your headbandover your left eye

Result Posted on 01/29/08:
omg!! so kawaii the pic and the result is awesome too ^.^

Who are you inside?

You are an awesome extraordinary person. You like everyone and everyone likes you (mostly). You like to go shoping and scout for boys. You dont' get frustrated to easy and you like to just relax and have a fun safe time hanging with your friends.
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Result Posted on 01/29/08:
lol thats pretty kool ^.^

What Inachi Means
I is for Inspirational N is for Natural A is for Artistic C is for Confused H is for Hip I is for Intelligent

Result Posted on 01/29/08:
poor me!!! i want to fight dammit!!! T.T

If you were in an anime action movie, what would you look like, and what part would you play?(Girls only, detailed results+pics)

You would be the person in the anime action movie, who wants to fight, but isn't aloud. You show the people from stopping you that you are well able, and that you can make your own decisions! XD
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Result Posted on 01/29/08:
omg!!! thats awesome!!! sasuke is so kool me lov hime!! he my blak hair bishi ^3^

Naruto character test
Your Result: Uchiha Sasuke

You're arrogant but very cool and quiet. You strive to avenge. You feel your teammates hold you down. You will not stop until you have done what you need to do.

Uzumaki Naruto
Haruno Sakura
Rock Lee
Hyuuga Neji
Gaara Of The Sand
Hyuuga Hinata
Naruto character test
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Result Posted on 01/29/08:
omg!! one wing O.o poor me!! ouch!! T.T

What kind of Angel are you? .._..contains Anime pictures.._..

The one winged Angel! Broken because of the fight between light and darkness.
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Result Posted on 01/29/08:
wow im pretty ^.^ and i lov the result .. iguess...

what anime girl are you?cute results
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket your a normal girl.your go by what you feel like doing.you may give in,but its just because you don't feel like a fight.~*~ME~*~YAY!your just like me.for the most part any way~*~
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Result Posted on 01/29/08:
yay!! now sasuke loves me!!! ^3^

Good Ol' Naruto Memegen! Your Life, Love, Death, etc. (sorry! girls only! T~T) (Thanks for the 3,000+ hits!) by xARISUxKUMAx
Name, for starters X3
Now, the classic color question
Who do you want your BF to be?
Who loves you dearly and completely
Who loathes your very existence
How You Die in Naruto world (love that term! XB)Natural Causes, peacefully in your sleep (how nice. ^-^)
Finally, what you look like!
Thank you for taking my Memegen!

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