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Result Posted on 11/24/06:
lik omg!!! did u see my results!!!! cha!!!!!!!! i love them.. u should really take this quiz ;)

The Ultimate Anime test! Updated NOW WITH PICS! (8 results) Hair color, eyes, element, anime, animal, ect.)
Hair color: BlackEyes color: BlackColor: red and blackRace: Human/demon/lonerElement: FireAnimal: DragonClothing style: Doesn't really matter to you. You don't care what people think of you...Quote: The red thread of fate, once broke, can never be returned...Anime: NarutoAnime Guy: SasukeFighting skills?: One that you practice over and over...Goal: To get at leats one friend... (Me: I'll be your firned!!!!!)Lifestyle: You're a loner, so you don't have many friends... but, you will find one good best friend one day. Everyone talks to you... it's just that you don't answer back.Dream job: Can't decide
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