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Monday, March 31, 2008

   lol cripple..
lol im offically a cripple!!
happy squee woot woot glomp...
i cripppled myself the most dummest way possible!!
but it was totally worth it!!
ok i was at the park with my friend and there were tires..
can u see where this is going?
well since im crazy ..
i started doing the army thing with tthe tires and then towards the very end i thought i was done and ..
i was in apin and it hurt very much but i still didnt leave the park for lik anothrer 4hrs lol
becasue it was almost the perfectest day ever!!
i was learning how to ride my friends ripstik
and we played racketball..
tryed to play tennis..
it was horrbily fun though..
and then i walked home...
but we had fun and the cripppledness was sooo worth it ^.^

i just had to eat...
i ate some chicken and spaghetti !!
it was yummy!
i made it myself..
although im not that good at cooking :P
and while i was eating i was watching the discovery channel and the most haunted thing...
it was sooo scary..
i had sooo much goosebumps..
i was soo freaked..
do u guys believe in ghosts or supernatural things?
well i do ..
becasue stuff lik that has happened very much to me

and i have finaaly updated and posted after so much time!!
im soo srry T.T
but now im on spring break so i have al lthe time the world for u my friends!
and lol my new theme that im working o9n for both my world and site is vocaloid
hikari (finalight) got me into it
the characters r sooo cute :3
and their songs r lovely !

and im going to buy a scanner!!
that means i will be able to take requests and submit all my art on here and dA..
ooo and i spend equal times on each..
its just that i never log off of any of them...
it gets annoying logging in all the time ...

oooo and im going to post this same post on my world so...
if want comment there to...
but u dont have to becasue i lik comments on here better ;D

so any questions u want me to answer?
or ask?
idk anything..
im bored... :P

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