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Friday, March 7, 2008

hey everybody..
i didnt forget about u guys!!
and i havent posted becasue i have been trying to figure out this new THEOTAKU... :P
its not the best..
i still lik the other one a little better
ooo and i cant comment on ur posts on here T.T
im so pissed!!
i hate this >.<
why me??!!!
*rips out hair*
this is horrible..
i hope i can comment soon on u guys posts...
but plz..
dont forget about me..
i want to talk to u guys!!
so plz PM me when ucan!!
i need u guys!1
u keep me going ;D

oo and about VV
i pretty much got evrything down..
so if u need any help ..
just ask and i will try my best to help u ^.^
oo and my next theme is the color white.
so pure and lovely ^o^

oo but the most asked question rite now...
do u lik VV?
tell me why u think the way u think?
i want to know!!

oo and i also have a world!!
its called Inachi's Randomness
and u type in :


lol just copy and paste this in ur url and plz comment !!
i need to feel alive >.<

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