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Friday, September 8, 2006

Just a reminder for those who havenít seen my new post style. When I post, I will just add to the bottom of the dayís post under a different post title. I will also state above the box, when I last updated my post.

Last updated at about 11:59 am EST

Update in General...

Hello People!

I have actually found the time to update today! Well, I'm a senior in HS now, and it feels GREAT. One more year and I'm in college (I am a bit nervous though). Anyway, here's my schedule:

1st Pd: AP Latin 4
2nd Pd: AP Calculus
3rd Pd: AP English 12
4th Pd: AP Chemistry
5th Pd: Biology Aide/ AP Chemistry Lab (Wednesdays)
6th Pd: AP European History
7th Pd: Physics (not AP)

I'll post again soon. Love Hina Ep. 6 will be up soon.

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