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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Just a reminder for those who havenít seen my new post style. When I post, I will just add to the bottom of the dayís post under a different post title. I will also state above the box, when I last updated my post.

Last updated at about 7:29 pm EST

Site Format Update!

Just letting you guys know that I rearranged my intro for the better (I think), but
I removed Nekoi-chan T_T
I plan to put her back up in the future though. Also, I probably won't add posts as often as I used to with school coming up. BTW, My computer is not allowing me to view the Kakashi picure next to my posts (something about bandwith). Anyway, I would like anyone who reads this post to let me know if you kan see Kakashi on the left of this post or just a big black space. I would REALLY appreciate it...

Well, 'till next time then...

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