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Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Just a reminder for those who havenít seen my new post style. When I post, I will just add to the bottom of the dayís post under a different post title. I will also state above the box, when I last updated my post. See July 28 posts for reference.

Last updated at about 10:59 pm EST


OK... Since Little Birdie, GhostlyNinja, and redlegsfan21 are off at band camp, I was sitting here at home... BORED. SoOoOo... I decided to make an AMV. It's really short but I think it's funny. especially because of the music... This video is posted below, but I plan to put it in my intro soon. ANYWAY... just watch, and PLEASE comment on this one!


OH YEA!!!!!!! Akamatsu-sensei's new masterpiece is finally out in english!!!! AAAAAND I was able to find this preview on youtube (see below). I must say though that the voice casting definitely takes away from the genious of the anime, but... HEY.... it's not that bad! And FRANKLY, I'm satisfied. You guys can expect this video in future posts and in my intro soon!

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