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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Just a reminder for those who haven’t seen my new post style. When I post, I will just add to the bottom of the day’s post under a different post title. I will also state above the box, when I last updated my post. See July 28 posts for reference.

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I just recently finished another Naruto episode, and… those fillers are getting ANNOYING. And I’m not easily annoyed. Really, they don’t literally have to put in a two and a half to three year gap in the story for Naruto’s training or whatever… I mean the fight between Naruto and Sasuke ended about episode 130 or something and it’s like episode 195 or something! And they’re almost ALL fillers. I don’t really care much for ghost samurais, cowboy ninjas, Kaima, the Hidden Star Village, the Shinobi Swordsmen from the Mist Village, the Hidden Rock Village, a magnetic ninja, the false Naruto, laughing Shino, a fat version of Ino, sick Akamaru, Chouji’s weight problem, or even naked Hinata… although the Onbaa was pretty cute. PLEASE continue the story! Does anyone have any idea when the plot picks up again? Lately the main plot has only been hinted at. Really, if not Orochimaru, then at least pick back up with Itachi and Akatsuki. And has anyone seen the older version of Hinata from the manga!?!?!?!?

Sorry if I spoiled the series for anyone, but you were warned…

BTW If anyone has read the manga, would you fill me in on what’s going on after all these fillers.

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