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Thursday, January 3, 2008

I'm a wizard.....and he's HOT!!! Part One
Part One

My story begins on the saturday when my life dissolved. It all started when Shadow, my dog, started barking for me to come down and feed her. Shadow was a good dog. She was a beatiful golden retriever. Anyway, So I woke up (which by the way was something I DID NOT want to do) and walked down stairs. My aunt (*cough*cruel*cough*evil*cough*) was talking on the phone. I was VERY surprised. She would be the last person I would expect to come over to my house. And where were my parents? I got a little worried but didn't pay much attention. Anyway, Shadow had come up to me and was now jumping in my face. So I go over to get her dog food. As I do, I over hear my aunts conversation.

'Yes, ten o'clock is fine...Yes...Ok...So please call 268-8008 and tell her that the Funeral is at ten, then... Ok...'

The one word made me freeze at the spot. Funeral? I stood there for about two minutes, thinking. Shdow keeps jumping up and down so I go over to feed her. As I do, I begin putting peices together. My parents went out last night...they aren't home...Aunt Isabel, of ALL PEOPLE, is at my house...she is talking about a Funeral.

I tried to push the thought out of my mind. I decided to distract myself. I pour myself a bowl of cereal and go sit down in front of the TV. As I flip channels I hear Aunt Isabel hang up the phone. She walks over and sits next to me. She says...

"They Died."
"Mom and Dad?" I ask. I felt tears burning my eyes and my face getting hot. She nodded.
No! They can't be... They Just can't! My mind starts screaming Shadow comes over and I hug her and cry into her collar.
"How?" I manadged to say through sobs.
"A Crash." (Yeah, that's it. she just sits there staring at me like I am crazy, ike it is abnormal to cry when your parents die. I mean she doesn't even say a single comforting word or give me a hug or something. She just sits there and stares. I wasn't super surprised though. She never visited. She always was dating some new guy or going shopping because her clothes were so 'last week' or some other stupid reason.

Once I managed to hold back my tears, which took until monday afternoon just FYI. I went downstaris for lunch. There was some cold pizza I heated up. My Aunt came in with all this make up globbed on her face. (Personally, I think she is secretly some freak zombie trying to take over the world and make everybody go shopping for junk and date a new person every day. I mean she is CREEPY and CRAZY all at the same time.) Anyway, she came down and sat at the table.
"I am going to watch you for a few weeks till we decide what to do with you." What to do with me? Is she crazy? She is acting like I am 4 years old! Well, sorry but it is 14 NOT 4! "We will be staying at my condo (more like masion) on South Street. We will leave tomorrow." she said kind of annoyed. The next few days were positively HORRIBLE!!

Aunt Isabel didn't seem to even care whether her brother was dead. She never cooked a family meal and she only cared about her looks (which weren't even that pretty anyway) and her boyfriends.(If she didn't look good you can imagine what kind of guys she attracted.)

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