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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

   today my friend Devon figered out my new crush and when we where in p.e she told my new crush that i like him but i think he mit think shes lieing.i hope he thinks shes lieing and at play practice i was got to dance next to 2 of my crushs i'm so HAPPY!!!and when my crush that dance with me was on the other side of the room his friend came up to me and ask to see my script so she can see her lines and i said yes cause if i said no that would seem like i had something to hide but i do u see my friends draw jokes on my script that have to do with him and me and i think she seen my friends doing things to it and she wented do know what because she didn't look at any of her lines but i think she saw the jokes and she knows that i like him & i think she mit of told him.and i sorte of went him to know how much i really like him
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Sunday, November 13, 2005

today i saw TREVOR!!!i'm so happy he is so HOT!!!hehe Yah. on thursday, some guy brought a bomb to school and threw it under the music room or something. But i was at the dentist and missed it!!! my friend is going crazy about trying to find out who sandwich is. BUT ITS SOO SIMPLE!HA! (the food names are codenames for hotties)

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HOly *7@!
I have 69 gb signs! I didnt even make the site! My friend iluvchicken did! SIGN HERS NOW!
(no, i'm actually iluvchicken)

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Wednesday, November 9, 2005


i love TREVOR SMITH so much! if anyone knows his myspace account,TELL ME. Lik, i went to my first night school dance!I DANCED W/ MY CRUSH!OMG!!SO HOTT!TEHEHEHYWEEEEEEEEE!! (yah, iknow, i'm only a 7th grader shut the @%&**@!!~ up) sorry. i'm totally obsessed with my crush life. today, a friend of mine,(ChobitsPitaTen)gave me a cookie
that ben(one of my 20200000 crushes) made! now i have a piece of him inside of me..ahhh...Whoa. that sounded really wrong. yeah,... i'm all rambling n junk.
ps. i'm not the only one posting on this site~michaela
p.s.s. this is really me.No it's me!No me!

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   I love this guy in my grade. my freind (ChobitsPitaten) knows it. So we had a school bake sale today, and she bought me and my other freind, (Sakura Chobits121) cookies that he made. Now Sakura Chobits likes him and it really sucks! though shes obsessed with this other guy.

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