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Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Advent Children
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Jeez, i love this movie. i couldnt resist talking about it^^ the Graphics are so awsome, right down to the littlest detail, and the action is just too cool, another thing..Cloud actually smiles at the end of the movie(throughout the game and movie he never smiled) i've probably seen it over 50 times since i've gotten it, you know, it's one of those movies that you just want to show everybody. i've shown most of my friends, my brother and his friends and even meh parents(surprisingly they liked it) i also end up watching every day somehow befor i go to sleep lol,and i learn something new everytime i rewatch it.it just keeps getting better lol, im such a dork yeah? i hope that anyone else who has watched it enjoyed it as well^^ if you haven't seen it yet, then SEE IT NOW!! lol^^ another thing for the girls to watch it too, Hot guys ^^ *anime fangirl squeel* Reno, Cloud and Kadaj are so hot^^
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By the way has anyone noticed how friggin' ripped Cloud is in the movie? and in the game he has like no muscles at all? Yeesh, what'd he do over the past 2 years?
See, Video game Cloud...
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Cloud from the movie...
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not a very good pic, but u get the point yeah?

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