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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Well we are leaving 2moro..at 4 am.. -____-||
in around 10 hours we are going to Japan~! and stay for one nigt then makin away to Hong kong..! Then after going to Guangzhou!!


i dont have much money...on around 50 chinese Yuan (from last time). and 115 Yen of JApanese money from my Japanese student..wah..!!

*sigh* so poor..
that remind me i have to deposit some money in my bank acount -_-;

but can't waaa!!
i wanna buy so much stuffs!! XD hehe!!
i have to buy many souevenirs!! hahahha

well cya everyone!! I hope you have a good Christmas and a Happy New yaer!!

I will miss u all!!


(but maybe i can use my cousins computer?!?!)

ohwell!! Cya!! ^_______^!!

i <3 Sasuke
Naruto-Kun 4 EvA Guild

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