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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

   Halloween happiness. ...
it seems I only post wen its someone b'day...

but this time its about HALLOWEEN!@!

which just happens to be the same day as my sister;s BIRTHDAY!!@@ o(≧∇≦)o

18 years old today!!!

(●´ω`●)!!! omg!!

got her weird stuff...the head band is cool hehe.

my family is going to Hong Kong this SUMMER@!


my mum doesn't want to go to JAPAN from HOng KONG she wants to go to SHANGHAI/BEIJING instead!
this sucks very much (;´Д`;)

but hong kong is still okay....!!

but we are going to Guandong/GuangZHou from HK to visit my grandma and cousins!! (crash at their homes) (o^-')b

i will have to buy so many souevnirs..but most of all to these ppl:

Xu Xumin
FAMILY!! others.etc..

wow havn't been overseas long time.
loooong time!! so that i had to get a new passport..because mine expired last year ^o^!!

so exiceted but havn't really realise yet tho....

we are going on JAPAN airlines..staying one day in Japan...but thats not enuff T__T

i <3 Sasuke
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