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Friday, October 6, 2006

Happy Spring festival~!!
sorry this will be a short post..i dunt have much time~ gahh.. its holidays now~ but have so much homework T__T wahh.... im going blind too.. meh i have appointment to test some contacts next wednessday oh yeah...!Happy Spring festival~!! its today on the 6th of October~! ate some mooncake ..dont realli like it hehe. the white ones like this are okay:

but i dont like these ones, esp with EGGS:

wow my brothers birthday next monday..how troublesome. Today called those optus ppl to ask for the PUK code to unlock my fone (since i locked it aciidently..sorta), but they wouldnt give it to me. so failure. ... cant use my sim card ever again . o.o...- -" also sent a letter to me friend in Japan~ using emergency stamps in my wallet~ but then after i realised i forgot to put my letter in , instead i sent the letter she sent me, back to her...baka baka baka X.x.. yes stupid~~!!hahahahahha mooncake legend. .

i <3 Sasuke
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