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Monday, September 4, 2006

went to the royal Adelaide show today~!

I spent much moneys though .T_T!!

entrance fee was like $10! My dad paid for it!!
the last year of getting in as an child truthfully ...hehehe.


So much stuff on sale~!!

my mum gave me like um $5!!

i spent like um $40 and borrwoed some ahh T___T!!

im so broke now and in debt!!
i didnt even buy any shows bags..

did like nothing except but buy a lot of stuff~!

once we got tickets we saw this shop with cool flashy things from japan!! aww like 11.70 YEN...

thats kinda cheap....they were like two dollars.

so i bought 3, and my sistser 4, but they only charged her for 3 T__T!! wahh!! they are so cool!

my sister got on that you can clean ur phone with Y__Y! awww awww

then we wemt to this chepa chinese crap and bought $4 socks..
aww didnt eben try to haggle , coz they speak mandarin -__-| but we should of tried anyway hehe.

I saw this old owner of a shop that used to exsist~~ they were working in some shop.

so we went there and bought bags!! yay!! we sorta haggled! my bag was $20, my sister was $25 we were like if we buy them both can we have cheaper XD ?
she was like $43!! I m like..........


35 dollars???

she was like $40! FINAL!

so we just bought it~..

then we went to some shop selling watches..and bought watches. it was like 2 for $25.
so we were like 2 for $22....??

they were cantonse speaking so yay...they said yes..

oh haggling is fun..sorta..but scary..

because had to chip in for my mums and dads stuff sorta had to borrow money off my sister.

so i paid for half of my sisters show bag....! trolli hahaha.

but she keeping it XD XD XDa
i <3 Sasuke
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