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Monday, June 20, 2005

the answers in life...
Matte Attane...

okay what you've all been waiting for
Anyway. from the most recent and i answered stuff that wasnt even a question.

1. Kiss my ass bunny:-
It's not my birthday lol.

2.SsaiyanShinobi:- HIHIHIHI!

3. BlackWolfSerena:
If you were stranded on a deserted island with three things, what would they be?(they can be anything!people,food,books,etc.):

=I would bring Sasuke, A laptop with with DDR machine and JUn matsumato/Bou!!
(okay thats like 5)

4. Winged Youki --> If pigs could fly, would you catch one and ride it around?:

= HEL* YEAH@!!!!

5.NamesAreHard ==> don't you hate it when your mind sort of goes on strike and wants you to think for yourself?

=Um yeah LIke rite now i cant think!!

6.Neko-san: What do you think came first the chicken or the egg XD.


7. Soulstealer : What do you do when you cross a squirrel with a strawberry, monkey and lilly?

= a red fatso!!

8.animegirl4ever: cool!! My dog's b'day changes everyday.

9. sugar high nut: tis ok then

10.cool chick: thx 4 the bone! buts he's a vegetarian! JUst kidding >__<

11.mysterious rei: My fave number is 7 and 3.


"SQUEEEEE" means you are an hyoeractive person trying to not laugh?

13.Otomeza29: Drink cran berry jouice is the answer to ur questions.

14.Outlaw Melfina: the queens birthday is on like mondays. its on the same birthday as my dogs, tho it changes it think.

15. Number 5: Hi to you !!...

16. JamberLynn: what a coincidence.

17. wolfygirl89: happy b'day on that day.

Well that was a waste of time and probably wont ever do that again.

i entered steptoussia's contest with his:


Did i fool you fools? this is wat i realli entered.

it sucks dont steal or i will steal ur soul.

nah it sux so much u can use it.

^___^ what a long post.

Yosh! I got stuff to do like write a leter to my penpal in Japan 4 the first time. My friend came bak to visit and expects my 2 go to he stupid b'day party, which i don't want to go to. She will like boast about her "MAKING A CD AND SIGNING AND WRITING THe SONG" meh.

casual day 2 moro how trival
i <3 Sasuke
Naruto-Kun 4 EvA Guild

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