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Tuesday, June 7, 2005

boring day.

the bright: we have a new person in my chinese and music class called Yun and she's from Korea ^^

The dark: My friend Yurika is going back to Japan @ the 3nd of July x.X

randome: i 8 sushi on monday @japanese sk00l.
Played cards @ break with 2 ppl who play weirdly... like u cant put 12345678910 (ten cards) in a row. -__-"

Funny: In my jap. class two i mean 3 stupid lil kids in like yr 6 (smart a@@es) don't know how to give elektric shocks!!
HAhaha everyone who knew (the asians lol) told them that the need to hold a special pencil case and rub it for awhile then u can zap someone. LMAO!!
@__@ . stupid chibi bakas lol.

sorry i didnt comment most of the time.. the comment thing wont work something about file unspecified :P

***note*** plz don't comment one word comments thx ^^ (if u comment)
i <3 Sasuke
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