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Sunday, June 5, 2005

warning long post NOOb ineator
hahahha amuhuqhuhquhauahshaihd
anwser to questions:
1. I'am going blind slowly each day from computer.
2. I will post up link later for other club site ^__~
random crap:

Friday-student free day on friday went to city, marion shopping city then back to city. went with my sisters friends, brenda and hwoi and my friend Yurika. bought nothing because my money was wasted on.. DDR!! Against my sister and got a c, my best yet and beat my sisters d!! LMAO.
i love that game must waste more money. $$$-On bus saw two goth girls from my school, i know one in my S.e class she's such a fast runner -__- even though she told me on sports day she would be slow. -__-+

Saturday-Mum told me off 4 not cooking rice-and says oh no we have to get takeaway- decided too cook in end.. nenene annoying.

Sunday- Went to church early, had no friends well bcause she was away at GYm contest and no one else goes early. Sat with my stupid brother who was playing handball with his gay "friends" who play handball in the hall. One lil ones who said eww ur wearing all black and have black nail polish GHOST. I made him scream.
There was this other guy (14 or 15)who wasn't playing and he is sooo annoying just stood there going "oH you suck @ handball" whenever someone lost.
Then whenever the tennis ball would get close to him he would pick it up and chuck it at me -_____-".
He missed 20/30 times. So then i got angry and got the ball and chucked it back, hitting like 33/40 times ^___^.
ONce i went into the toiled though and he's like "running away?"
So then i got the ball (Little kids were getting annoyed at their handball game with no ball) and pretended to chuck it and he ran away ^^ then i gave it to the lil kids. Then I said you will get 1000 points if yu hit him *points at bastard*
He goes you will get 2000..
etc..then it would be like 'you will get a life time of happiness if you hit her"
"you will eternal hapiness if u hit him"
then.."You can be king forever if you hit him"
then he got his tennis champ friend to chuck it at me and he still missed. LMAO.
Anyway he sucks ass.
School 2 moro ...T__T

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Satoko Matsumoto

saw movie about Noahs Ark!
i <3 Sasuke
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