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Friday, February 23, 2007

   long time not upd8
hehe its like i died lol..
um well been back for a month already XD XD
but then weeks l8er or so had to start school so sssssssssssooooo freaking busy...

i got so much japanese to do aswell as normal gay school work like the stupid chemistry poster due next tuesday, speech for esl, brochure crap for aus studies...maths test...

heheh i think i didnt do very well on that maths test..i did it b4 the rest of the class with the internationals..since i already did most of it in kumon last year........

but in kumon we didnt do discrimants until very recerntly so .........

i missed at least 3 questions about DISCRMINANTS damn.....worth so much...T__T

she was talking abt it 2day. but got so bored..
just fell asleep, she sed i can do the maths test agn with the rest of the class..

but i doubt i will do any better than b4..if not.prob even worse!!

ohwell..i have nothing else to do.ehehe havnt had maths hw for ages............

i <3 Sasuke
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