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Saturday, February 12, 2005


heyas all! ^__^
thx 4 all commentingfor my last post one and a hlaf weeks ago,
thankyou for ur kind words ^__^
it was really nice ~~*~~
hehe i have more friends online than in real life ..
Anyway i just finished the second week of school, with a bandage still on. Since there is stil a bruise on it, but it doesnt hurt unless u like actually touch it.
When we went to the chinese dinner with our relatives on Monday, the doctor (aunty) looked at it and she said "you can't have a piano lesson unless it doesn't hurt when i do this" and pressed it really hard, i tried not to wince.. but i still got my piano lesson anyway.
^__^ i havn't had one for like 2 and a half weeks.
hehe i havv;t been practising much.
But now at school i also do music. ^__^ More theory and Orchestra thing, but i don't kno hot to play most of the peices..-____-"
I have a korean girl in Maths class, or HAD i should say.
I sat next to her for the first two weeks, but she's already gone to another school. So i'm gonna sit next to noone for the rest of the eyar -___-" FUN . since the teacher wanted us to sit in the same seats for the WHOLE year. -__-" MEH that sucks.
Oh well.
hmm. Well badmington started again, time to lose again. Ohwell i couldn't even get to the game today since my mum coundlt be "BOTHERED" to drive me there..
Instead we went to deliver junk mail which SUCKS. And really gay job, i have to do like 3 times a week -__-" and today an old woman asked me if i like this job, so i crossed my fingers and said "yes" .
GRRR scary.
Then when i was stuffing crap into mailboxes, a man came down the middle street saying to himself "I TRIED, I TRIED, I TRIED wat can i do I TRIED" Or sumthing like that. CRAZY @__@

Today I walked my dog, tehn he started to crap. Im UH OH ..
Lets go home now, so i started running home, but he still maged to crap some, o.O So i ran suped fast but he still maged to do some poo .. whne i got home i expected him to crap any where , but he went to eat more -___-"

Hmm interesting stuff: Our printed caartdrige didn't work since my sister forget to get rid of the sticky tape of where the ink came out, i corrected her..teh baka..

i borrowed a how to draw manga book so i can draw better,and delelted some of my art, (GOOD NEWS, since some one said it F*** Sucked anyway) but i added some so haha :P
I drew a picture and colured it in..
OO and i mite be going to learn japanese!! that is so awesome!!
I really want to go to japan >__<
Anyway i've blabbed on too long.
So sayonara for now!
*hugs you all*
i <3 Sasuke
Naruto-Kun 4 EvA Guild

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Wednesday, February 2, 2005

   SChool SUX

meh school how gay
so depressed.
my sister doesnt walk home after schools on mondays, wednessdays and thursdays.
i really hate it, I have to walk alone. And all these losers pay me out. since there is like a lane from the school to my house and heaps of ppl walk down there and lots of losers. T_____T
Ahh school i thpugh tiwa sok on the first day bak, then on tuesday in art metal work, i got my finger stuck on a vice thing. Coz im reatarded ^___^ then ut started bleeding coz i had my finger there and then i wound it up. T___T_ so much blood, that i alost fainted seriosly. I couldn't see anything, my eyes were all bluury.. and it was too bright...and spinning around and around. So dizziness. So i sat down for a long tong on the nearest bench until i stood up again. my finger still hurt tho....
so i went to the locker and opened it up. and stuffed my stuf inside and leaned against a wall. THEN when my friends actually looked for me, i was crying .......
so then after recess i went ot teh student services, all my friends left except for one, then i got it bandaged up, then my friend left, so i called my mum on te mobile, except my fone kinda ran out of batteries. that sucked. to cu long story short, i went home instead of going to class.tat was the only good thing htese last three days....
my finger killls. i cant practise piano.. i have to play keyboard for music! but i SUCK. So YEAH. T__T
school sux, and two of my friends left my class leaving us with only 8 girls, and like 22 boys + 2 new ones,, -__-" so unfair.
i <3 Sasuke
Naruto-Kun 4 EvA Guild

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Friday, January 7, 2005

   Sad news T__T

Anyway, im no alcholic...
kanpaii its been a weeks ince newyears!!
seems a YEAR AGO..
Anyway i havnt upadated for a week, thats becoz the computer got a major virus, and we had to reformat computer, and i lost all my recent files T__T pictures and princes tutu fanlisting stuff T__T that sucks.
How is everyone??
sorry 4 not going to ur sites.. internet didn't work until recently, i was SUPER BORED.
I also relized i lost another library book. o.0 .. awaaman i spent my boredom trying to look for it during the last few days.. no sucess :P
I think i returned it but i doubt i did, since i for get everything after 30 seconds...ehh...
anyway i didnt make a new layout for this thing.. since i still have to finsih the princes tutu and Prince Mute fanlisting.. im goign to use the background on here ... for the background for the princess tutu fanlisting thing.
i will prbaly. change it after.. but rite now i have to finish since its due soon. T__T
I went to my friends hosue on Wednessday and weplayed with her cats, well we chased them trying to get them, by they ran away...
so yeah .. played her computer since i was computer deprived...
nothing else new.. except computer is kinda newer than usual. I lost some of my fanfiction that i neva put on fanfic.net which i was gonna too..but yeah..i lose some pics aswell..I have been practising faces since i suck at it.. but i cant do bodies now.. so yeah....
i have an UCLER ON My mouth make that 3!!! and my mum said it was becoz of my food that i eet..
which is CHIPS, LOLLIES< SNACKS etc.. and nothing else hahaha.
NOW THEY ARE killing me...
anyway i tried raeding the bible its really hard for me, since i read som many other books, this is going to be a challenge, i opened it to a random page and hope i will some each day till i read all of it...
anyway ppl stay safe and remember to pray for those who live in the place hurt by the Tsunami thing...
god bless them T__T


~~iluvsasuke 2005<<---already??
i <3 Sasuke
Naruto-Kun 4 EvA Guild

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Friday, December 31, 2004

   KANPAI!!....5....4......3.....2.....1......HAPPY NEW YEAR!

just a quick note
*drinks wine*
hahaha just kidiing
im alone in my house...eberyone else is at church!
they could be back anyminute now
i think there BACK!!
i watched the fireworks on TV today
i missed the count down tho!
ANYWAY 2005 T___T
cheers everyone!!
have a good year!!
~iluvsasuke <3
anime 4 eva!!
i <3 Sasuke
Naruto-Kun 4 EvA Guild

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Saturday, December 25, 2004

   Merry X'mas!!and a happy new year! ^__^

:D its X'MAS
finally wat we've all been looking 4 ward 2 a year
and now its almost over T__T
but its still X'mas
which is the b'day of Jesus!!
we went to church 2 day and yesterday :laugh:and its awesome
after we went to our auntys house and watched peter pan and pter pan s handsome and kawaii
~gotta go join his fanlistings
g2g watch one peice now
i love GOD!!
i <3 Sasuke
Naruto-Kun 4 EvA Guild

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Friday, December 24, 2004

X;mas eve like 23 minutes till X'MAs

any sorry 4 note updating earlier
been busy..
yesterday i was couch potatoe i mean computer potatoe thing..
i have so much to do and not enuf un non laziness cells or sumtoihgn.
its x'mas eve!
yesterday the onli time i went out was to walk the dog then my dad said that my cousins, who went on holidays's dog was missing so me and sis went there 2 look 4 it..
but all it was doing was hiding haha coz it mite be scared oof my dad mowing lawn, so we took it 4 a walk! with this weird lead with two bags on it and it looked strange..so we each had a dog and we walked 2 my old school..
then awhile lated the cousins dog pooed on the playground T__T hehe.. so then i kne wat the bags around the lead weas for,..tho we didnt use them.. im NOT oging to touch it,,haha $500 fee T_T
but they dont kno yet.. till school starts haha..
then after we walked it back and it started howling my dog pooed while we walked home so that equals $1000 fee eeke
and way today on x'mas eve we went SHOPPING for FRUIT in the central marker.. ahh my arms still are sore from carrying eveything my mum bought i used like $4 only haha.. 2 on lollies 1 on crakers which i buy every holiday breal ^__^ and the other dollar for this perosn in a whell chair -donation thing.. my brother got a sticker from her!!
then after my mum cooked and yeah we went 2 church 4 dinner with the church my siter goes to but not me or etc..
we ate i think im goign to become full vego.. coz i still ate fish.. to keep my mum happy, but im not full vego if i still eat animals! [< then my sister sang with choir and we all sang carols etc heard life story thing from my uncle .. so many cousins and uncle in the chruch , well most of the liew famliy were there..so yeah
g2g 8 MINUTED till X'mas and i want 2 showe and wtch anime so
cya! and merry x'mas !!
~Sayonara!!! :D

M E R R Y X ' M A S AND A H A P P Y N E W Y E A R ! ! ! !
i <3 Sasuke
Naruto-Kun 4 EvA Guild

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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

   Princess Tutu fanlistings approved!

Heyas!! sorry 4 not checking ur sites!! i havn't updated a *while* have been busy with shopping-which is kinda boring i didnt have much $$ so i had to make do with small gifts 4 friends
even tho they dont get me anything anyway.. i WANT to be KIND..
well anyway i changed my sites music to princess Tutu theme song- morning grace
its really nice themesong and i LOVE :D the begining of princess tutu..
Mukashi Mukashi -Once upon time is s oo cool.
Anyway its not a very well known anime-even tho its great! but not as GREAT as Naruto!
I checked the animefanlistings.org and there was only a few fanlistings for Princess Tutu
so it was easy to apply for one! hehehe , i applied for the Princess Tutu and Prince Mythos fanlistings!!
and i got it YAY! i'm probably going to just make it on geocities.com coz thats where the Haruno Sakura one is aswell..tho its very slow upload and lotsa ads on it. T__T
i'm very bad at the layouts stuff and i've only got 4 weeks so yeah..im going to stop being lazy!-and dont have adobe watever..
4 days till X'mas!!!!!!!!!!!
life is unfair..
also got to change the layout for my blogs! i have 3!!

i <3 Sasuke
Naruto-Kun 4 EvA Guild

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Monday, December 13, 2004

MUTE X TUTU 4 EVA!! --Spoiler

today was very boring just watching lotsa anime! we are getting our computer formatted so maybe not posting for while T__T
not computer how shall i survive..?
Anyway we were watching Princess tutu.. ooo i just finsished watching the series.... GRRRRRRRR
there is a season One and a SEASON TWO!! I should of just stopped at season one.. there are like kinda two endings.. one is the Hppy the other one is A FRUSTRATING ONE and confusing one..
I LOVE THE FIRST ONE!! Princess Tutu and Prince Mythos are dancing a two person ballet at the end..adn the evil girl Krache is defeated.. and yeah the end of season one.seasone two continues how Mythos go evil and falls in love with kreache then its all weird .. with the ppl in the story writing the story..and Princess Tutu is heart broken when she hears Mythos wants Priness KRAECHE TO BE HIS PRINCESS..coz she loves him so much she would die for him.. so the princess tutu becomes a DUCK again and Fakir looks after her, but MYTHOS is HER prince ..
i hate the ending so im pretending i only watched season one..hahha
i m making a fanlisting for all those who think Mute should of ended up with Princess Tutu..since that is the real ending of Swan Lake! :P
Boring day. holiday number 2..its like 2 and im still in my P.j.ss
i have a piano lesson 2 day and Kumon so g2g cya!


Quiz result:
You are Mythos (Mute)!
You are Mythos (Mute). Selfless and Compassionate,
you give freely of yourself to save those who
are weaker. Now, if only you'd stop throwing
yourself out of windows in only your

Which Princess Tutu character are you? Version 1.0
brought to you by Quizilla
i <3 Sasuke
Naruto-Kun 4 EvA Guild

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Cherry's Suck.. eww spew..

hi blog
today was quite uneventfuk
the FIRST day of the holidays and i feel sick T___T
we were proceeding to watch Princess Tutu.. then my dad banged on the window at my mum and said we were going CHERRY PICKING T__T those few words changed my life.. somehow..
ahhh long drive to the middle of no where .... ahh i get carsick...
then we went some strawberry farm and my mum thought it was a cheery farm when it said cheery darm so meh.. and then she asked 4 directions.. but she didnt understand english so ehh...... we weere lost then found a random farm and asked them if they could let us do cherry picking..
so then ghe gave us 4 buckets and didnt charge us anything 2 go cheery picking..
so we went inside the net thingy and the lady showeed us where we could take the cherrys from.
So we started picking and the lady cmae bak and said how we had to twist them off and how we couldnt break the stems or they would neva gro they're again. yayada/ so we started picking then i missed my piano lesson T__T so many bugs were on there. I rather them not have the big new over it so the birds could eat the bugs! but they were scared the bireds would eat it all...we ate haeps!! ahahhaha
i dont th ink i can ever et one again..
so wepicked 3 buckets full and it was 9 KILOS! the man said it was $4 a kilo so its was $36 for the 3 buckets of cherries..
on the way home my dad stupid baka!1 got lost so it took longer thatn usual.. i felt sick.. then my brother felt sick ...e xcpe the is weak haha!.. and he threw up and its was DISGUSTING >__< its was all read coz he's a pig and eats lotsa cheeries.. eww .... and we had to deal with it for ther rest of the trip..eekkk
i dont think i will eat a cheery for a LONG TIME...
g2g i feel sick..
i <3 Sasuke
Naruto-Kun 4 EvA Guild

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Saturday, December 11, 2004

   Hamster funess! ... well guinea pig

I havn't updated this blog thing for like 2 days..
so yeah..
school is finished
yesterday.. @ school it was kinda really boring // we didnt do anything.. the rest of the class watched "peter pan" and me and r. and T. stayed in the class computer pod thing to mess around on the computers. hehe we used up all of our internet credit and printing credit..i printed off like 7 pages with my remaining credit but in the end i took 11 , coz i "accidently" took some of my friends...hahahhaha...they were mostly anime ones from www.kaiyosei.net site..
I ate sushi at lunch i offered some to my friends, one said she didnt like seafood..the other one tried it and like practically spewed..she asked if i wanted bak..uh how about NO XD.. she said she liked HOT SUSHI.. meh no ones eats sushi hot. baka..
we had a mini part since one of my friends are leaving she provided the chips.. we are gonna miss her [and her chips jkjkjkjk T__T"]
after lunch we could go home.. our homegroup teacher had a box of ferrea roches-dunno how to spell really nice nutty chocolate coating..*drolls* we grabbed 2 each and the we said our tearful good byes to my friend who was leaving .. hopefull we will see her b4 she moves to Cobart or sumthing..she said 2 write but i dont think i have her adress -___-"
today was boring I wokeup at like midday and we watched "PRINCESS TUTU" which is awesome!! its so romantic yet sad the guy MUTE [im still calling him that] is handsomely KAWAII =^__^= i think i love him... um yeah ... hes cool
Sasuke is cooler not matter wat tho.. we watched like 9 episodes then we had 2 go deliver junk mail which is killing the enviroment..
i made a goal for this holidays im gonna learn a japanese song >__< no matter wat... hopefully its the "shell" song by bana from Witch Hunter Robin.. i mite type the lyrics next time so i will remember it off by heart..

p.s my sister is looking after the Guinea PIG its KAWAII called snoball i'll call it YUKI now.. ithink dats snow 4 japanese..
i <3 Sasuke
Naruto-Kun 4 EvA Guild

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