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Monday, May 23, 2005

Hey kids...and friends!

3 more days til school is out!I am happy but sad at the same time.I am gonna miss my friends over the summer exspecaily David he is so hot and soon I have to make a card for his B-day.Um...2day at school was ok.We watched Gilbert Grape...gonna watch the rest tommrow.My friend was mad at her plus my ex Bf.He told on us of what we sented to him on Saturday.We shouldent of....I told her we shouldent of sent that and she don't care.I mean come on I don't want to get in trouble.Ah.....If you guys ever been on Cokemusic.com please tell me cause I am on it 2.The screen name is BatistaRocks....so if you do go on it please tell me.....well that is all I have and oh forgot...........JOHNCENARULESTHEWORLD.

Ps.please sign my GB if you havent and please let me be your friend! Well bye

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