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Thursday, December 23, 2010

   The Holidays are a Comin' *Kinda Long~ish* (Same as TheO)
Hey guys =] It's been a long time. How have you all been? I've been really busy with school and extra activities, but thankfully I am on Christmas break. Now I can work on some stuff and finally write a post. Haha It is going to be a rant though. Just telling about what I am going through this year. And what a normal day for me is like. yup.

I haven't really been up to much to tell you the truth. Mostly at school I just do the work I am suppose to and then go home...but now people are starting to ask me what I want to do with my life. I still really do not know. I am so indecisive. I mean sure there are a lot of things I enjoy doing, but I don't know if I want to make a career out of them. People are so surprised when I tell them that too because I guess I'm the type who knows things. Ugg it is all confusing. Next year I really have to think about it or before I know it. *Poof* my chance will have passed. Why does it have to be so difficult? Then there are times when I never know who my real friends are. There are people I used to be close to and now...we barely talk. Some of them are friends and yet...are not. You know? It just makes me wonder about myself and why it gets like that. I just want to ask "Why? What is wrong with me?" Ugg. High school sucks sometime. :/ But then other times it can me really amusing. Like those little fights in the hallway and people crowd around it like a show, but when the punches get too close they scatter like cockroaches. It amuses me. Some people really need to lighten up. Oh and the teachers at school. Some can be totally fine, but there is this one teacher that I dislike more than I should. The reason? She is Bias. It just makes me angry. >:[

Then after all of the school stuff I usually go home unless I have rehearsals for an upcoming show. If I go home I usually just sit in my room on FB or am out in the living room playing Video games, depending on my mood. (Haha the normal life of a teenager) I would rather have rehearsals. I get to hang out with my friends and our Director is such an amazing teacher at our school. She makes acting so much fun and it is something I love and enjoy to do. In fact we have another show coming up in a few months that I cannot wait to be in =] Other then that, nothing really happens in my daily life.

Then now cause I am on a nice longer break I actually get to visit far away relative and such. It is very nice and because of that break I can chill and be on here more. Like right now it is close to 5 in the morning and yet I still do not feel sleepy. And looking outside right now, it is wondrous. All of the snow and stars. I love it. I've been so used to living in the city that I haven't been able to enjoy sites like these more often. I've missed them. Also my doggie by my feet. He's grown. It makes me happy seeing him do so well. I still have so much to do until break is over that I never want it to end. Long live holidays!!!!

Recently I've been obsessed with Korean bands. Like 2NE1, Co-Ed, SNSD, f(x), Brown Eyed Girls, and a lot more. I love how they all dance. One day I too will dance like all of them. *determined* hehe also I've been obsessed with KH and Zelda again. I am saving up to buy the new games for both series. Ahhh. I need a job so bad *sigh* This economy... So hard to find one. =___= But then I am also watching random episode of South Park. I love it. So hilarious. Stan and Kyle <3

Well enough of this random nonsense. Thank you for sticking through and reading all of that. And thank you all for the lovely birthday comments! I know this is late, but really!!! thank you guys!! And I apologize for not being able to be on here more and comment on all of your stuff. I mean being a normal lazy high school student I should be able to, but I am telling you. FB is addicting! XD Well I really do miss all of you!!! We should really talk more!! So please PM me if you have a chance!!!! LESS THAN 3!!!!!

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