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Monday, June 21, 2010

Life as we know it ~*same as TheO*~
Don't you hate it when people you don't know try to add you on facebook?? blah. I mean really.... =___=

I just had to start off with a rant. =D Haha so summer... I am officially a Sophomore now! No more being called a Freshie!! So this past week...Good? Some parts? I don't even know... I mostly just slept in very late and stayed up for what seemed like forever. That is what I hate about summer, I become a night owl and sleep through half the day... Not to mention I never eat anymore or if I do it is very little. I just want it to be over with!(i'm crazy right?) Saturday was great though! I went my friend's birthday party and we had a water balloon fight! XD I got soaking wet! Then once it got dark we had fun dancing outside with glow-sticks! Woohoo! haha. I really want to see a lot of movies too! Like Toy Story 3, Shriek, Easy A, and Scott Pilgrim VS. The World. They all sound very interesting to me. That is what summer is supposed to be for right? to see movies?? DX GAHH!

I also go back to my home state in about a week... Super excited to see everyone again and not to mention I am going to be in a play up there! Kinda excited for that! I will be able to see my doggie again and visit all the places I loved, but don't feel like home anymore.

Yes! The Twins are doing better! I am very happy for them! =] I cannot wait too go to one of their games!!!
I want a jersey now.

I've been getting headaches more often too...Maybe it is because of stress?I always wait until they pass, I've never taken meds for them. They still hurt majorly though >_<

Here is my latest card, made for Meagan!

Haha I just wanted to ramble, so don't mind me...Bye for now? I guess...


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