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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

hello everyone!Thank you for your comments on my last post! XD I've been updating more lately..i dunno why..I want to tell you guys about some sweet video games I started playing..

My sister bought Eternal Poison.She let me borrow it.It is such an amazing game!The art is super pretty!The fighting is kinda like FF tactics.It is soo hard though..I keep on dying on this one level :/ bah!the Duke is cool..but I dunno if he is good or bad yet..I am still at the begining of the game.

My sister(one of my other sisters) bought me Ar Tonelico!(or course i have to pay her back)I love that game!!I had to start a new one though cause I forgot where I was...(last time I played was like 2 years ago)No it has been a day and I am 9 hours into it!It is love <3 My favorite character is Misha.She is soo cute!The music and art are really pretty!It is a must play for all RPG fans!

Haha that is all..I am soo hot.. T^T The sun is killing me!Anyone want to trade weather??*dies* I get so sleepy when it is hot..=_____= ugg I dun like it!*whines* I really want to make a wallpaper..but nothing comes to mind...I might make an Ar Tonelico or Eternal Poison wallpaper though cause they are really cool...in fact I found a good scan..but..i dunno...I feel my wallpapers are getting bad.. >_<

anyways I shall let you guys go after you listen to this cool song!It is the opening theme for the anime Pandora Hearts..

Sorry for making you read this..bye bye *waves*

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