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Thursday, June 18, 2009

lalala I am hyper lalala!Yesterday I got all wet cause my brother was throwing water balloons at me...it sucked..Soaking wet!!!eww....Then later on last night we go a little storm!Go rain!*frolics in it* The same brother of mine loves Nanaca Crash now..He is way better at it then me..i feel cheated.. DX he got over 12 thousand m... whaa! T^T

Thanks to Sparkle-chan I Love Big Bang XD They are amazing!(Crack Crack Crack Crack)Now I am making a Wallpaper with them in it!eheh I cannot help it!I am also making another wallpaper..not of them though.ahaha!

Ugg my mother makes me so mad..always lecturing me.Always bringing God into the conversation..and you should know..NOBODY CAN WIN AN ARGUMENT WHEN GOD IS INVOLVED!grrr...She is soo persistent.

I started to get allergies this summer!IT sucks DX My eyes get all itchy,my nose gets runny, and my throat is itchy too.It feels like I am dying!!*stop being over dramatic*

Now I am going to go on and on about Pikachu.Pikachu is the best cat ever!!Even if he was really whiny!I miss him bunches DX WHY IS HE GONE!!!DOES HE HATE ME???OR ELSE IS HE DEAD OR LOST???*spazzes out*time to show you a picture of the cutie..

I will stop with all of this craziness...it might be to much for you guys..take care everyone!

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