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Monday, June 15, 2009

Explosions,Unicons,and Rick Astley!??
Hello!how is everyone today?I am great!!A bit tired though..I really should stop staying up late ..but I don't want to! XD

Anyways...I am hyper today i dunno why...maybe cause I might get Ar Tonelico and Ar Tonelico 2 today!!I hope I do get them!!!Right now I am craving oranges like crazy.We do not have any though D: All we have are cherries,apples, and grapes...fufufu.

This video is so funny!Plus it has Will Ferrel in it so it has to be cool!The one after it just funny in a weird way..I love the blue and pink unicorns XD

I need a new book series to read..any ideas??I am soo bored right now!!A few days ago my sisters and brother were playing DDR..I suck at it..plus they were making me laugh so I did even worse XD but it was really fun! I still feel depressed sometimes though..I dunno why.*spazes*

Also If you haven't..please take a look at these two cards I made.

I know that this is not a very long post..but I have nothing else to say really.Take care everyone!*hugs* Ichi loves you all :3

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