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Friday, June 12, 2009

::*::Time flys by when you are having fun!::*::
ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG!!!!! Tim Burton is making Alice in Wonderland!!!*gets shot* I am sooo hyped up for it now!!!GHAAA!It comes out next year...It has Johnny Depp and Anne Hathaway in it too <3 soo happy!!!(froggeh told meh)

My avatar is now Oz from Pandora Hearts!I am addicted to that manga now!!He is a pretty cool character..but not my fav!!All the characters are amazing!I love the song at the top..it is very pretty.Miku is cute <3

Anyways...yesterday my brother and I were watching some South Park episodes..We watched the episode with the purity ring,Jonas Brothers and Mickey Mouse.IT was hilarious!!!!The Jonas Brothers are stupid as always!Mickey mouse scared meh...but he was funny! XD ahhh i got a kick out of that episode...Then we watched the Fishsticks episode..Jimmy came up with a joke that was funny...
"Do you like fishdicks"
"do you like them in your mouth?"
"what are you...a gay fish??"
ahahha I laughed soo Hard!South Park is soo funny!*dies of laughter*

A while back I actually saw a suspense/ sort of horror movie that I liked!It was called Shiver.It is so cool!Ahh good movie.... I finally found my old pokemon cards...I have a lot of them thanks to Shishou and Anya!I hate the new pokemon though..they are lame. I also found my lame my little ponies...maybe I should melt them and make shoes out of them cause they are not the good old ones XD

I thought this was a funny April fools joke. :3

I dunno if I would like a real LOZ movie..i mean it would be cool..but i dunno...i just like the games.

New Favorite song as of now has to be Breathe In by Frou Frou.I just love it!Favorite Bands as of now have to be The Shins and Super 8 bit Brothers..They are both amazing!
That is Super 8 Bit Brothers..they have amazing songs! Roll it Up is talking about Katamari...I just love that game!I suck at it though..i hate the time limits XD

Well I will end this post now..nothing else to talk about...I did make an e-card for Meagan-chan's birthday though...if you have the time please look at it!

Take care everyone!

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