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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

::•::What part of no don't you understand::•::
hello again..wow the last time I updated this was in April and I haven't been commenting on a lot of things lately...Gomen!!I thank Nan,
Sayura-chan,and Meagan-chan for commenting on my TheOtaku post though!!You guys really cheered me up!I love you all!!

I am a video game junkie!I can sit and play video games for 7 hours or longer..they are just so good!When I want a video game I search for good graphics,story line, and fighting action.I still have over 10 video games I need to beat though...most of them are cause I need to level up..I hate leveling up..too boring!I just like the action!!!I hate gore!I can stand stuff like Resistance and Resident Evil though.I took a quiz too!!
What Are Your Last Words Before GAME OVER?
What Are Your Last Words Before GAME OVER?
Hosted By theOtaku.com: Anime
It tells the truth..I always underestimate my opponent!

This year I will be a freshman!!wooo!*dances*
It only means schoolwork is going to be harder but...I will prevail!You see the video at the top? WATCH IT!!! It is an amazing song by an amazing German band!Plus my sister loves their white suits!

A few days ago my brother caught a daring jumping spider!!IT looked soo cool!especially when you looked at it from the front cause then you could see the eyes and green fangs!It was a male and he was running around in the jar :3
Here is a picture!

Lately my parents and I have been going out for walks.It is really fun!Link(our dog) comes with us!He must be part horse though cause he loves apples,dried fruit,and other fruits.Soo Cute ~¢¾~

Yesterday my brother and I watched Footloose.Kevin Bacon is amazing!I love his dancing in that movie!Next movie I want to watch is Zoolander..so I can see David Bowie,Ben Stiller,Will Ferrell, and Owen Wilson all together!!Or maybe I will watch The Labyrinth cause David Bowie is amazing in that movie too!Ahhh so many good movies out there!Hopefully I can see Star Trek and Up soon too!

I really want to change my layout...but I suck at HTML.grr!!!I will try to learn!Right now it is 2:00 in the morning..I stayed up to late!so Now I gotta go!Have fun everyone and take care!!

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