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Friday, April 3, 2009

Star crossed lovers. They say we're not meant to be.
HAHA i have been reading the Warrior cat books again!right now i am starting Outcast..gahh!i need to read it!I still have to read the 2 after that..then i need to read Firestar's Quest and the field guides.I also have to start reading the Seekers series.I have the first book but i have not read it yet XP
I also cannot wait for the Lupin the 3rd VS Detective Conan to get subbed!It looks so amazing!I am of course looking forward to the 13th movie as well!
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I was cleaning the house today...I love vacuuming the Asian beetles!>:3 I hate sweeping though..it is a pain!
well I am kinda done with typing..so I will tell all of you what I am working on!
1)Wallpapers for CrimsonANBU and jamo.
2)avatar for sasusaku 4ever
3)finishing up some drawings!!!
ohh and if you are wondering why it says Star Crossed Lovers...well it is a song by Scary Kids Scaring Kids!bye bye people!
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